Because of Jamie

Because of Jamie this post is all about pictures. Jamie, my sister, just uploaded some beautiful pictures of a walk in my dad’s neighborhood. They’re of everyday objects that she made to look beautiful- bravo James. They were so simple that I thought I would take some pictures around here in honor of her last post. (Go HERE to see her blog)

There is no reason of any of the pictures, complete randomness. But a quick warning: there are a lot of pictures. Cool ones, but a lot.

Gift basket

A friend recently broke her leg AND ankle falling down her stairs at home. Freaky. So I made them a meal and also this gift basket. It’s basically full of tons of different chocolates, magazines and a card. She is bed ridden and literally can’t move so what else is she going to do?! I feel so bad for her…

Goodnight Moon

Good night moon…

Pumpkin Spice

My favorite candle in our living room. It’s almost gone! 🙁

*Thanks mom for getting it for me, our home never smelled so nice.

Say Whaaat?!

My savior on cold mornings

The temp says it’s 28′ C in our living room…*sigh and it never felt so good.

Just me

Autumns figureprint

Autumn’s fingerprint

Bread crumbs

How the heck did Emma’s pancake crumbs get on the living room rug?! Guess I’ll be vacuuming today.

My girls

Emma caught eating pancakes in the living room! It looks beautiful on her top lip, don’t you think?

Our ceiling fan in action

Emma wanting more- she reminds me of Godzilla...BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!

Our poor cats need a new scratching post

Sticking her tongue out

When I start taking photos Emma gets a little jealous and wants to sit in my lap. Cutie pie.


Emma's favorite kitty

Emma’s favorite kitty right now

Under our couch

Items under our couch: A plastic egg, a headband, top of a water bottle, Note wrapped in twine, plastic gourd, pink hair clip and bobby pins wrapped together with hair band. All pieces our cats decided they should put under the couch. Thank you Chloe and Janek.

Piec say 'arf arf!'

Chloe chillin

Europe and US time

USA and Europe time

Dew-y grass



I love bright colors…can you tell? Happy November!

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  1. Alexis, I love your photos. They look great, and say a lot!

  2. Alexis! I love your pictures!! I love these kind of pics that are of seemingly random things that look awesome!! Good job!!

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