Photo shoot: Jamie


Yes I know it’s been forever since I’ve last posted anything. Blah, blah, blah. Just not felt like posting. And the beauty of this blog is that I don’t have to! hah! ūüôā

No pressure right? And who knows when any energy will come back into this, but for now here are some pictures of a spontaneous photo shoot with my sister, Jamie while we were in Seattle.

Ugh, while I ¬†sit here blogging and trying not to go into Emma’s room and force her to nap (*sigh*), you can look lazily at these pictures. Think of me, and I would even accept a prayer. Today, patience is not with me.


This girl is not afraid of color! She wears the most fun outfits. Love them.



This last one she was cornered into doing. (hey, sisters can do that!) We were at Starbucks and I kept saying,

“OK, smile. Whoops, again. Nope, again. Nope, lets try it again.” Seriously, it was way horrible. Sorry Jamie!



Big beautiful eyes huh. ūüôā OK, now she’s¬†embarrassed¬†and I’ve done my sisterly duty. hehe

Jamie’s birthday weekend


My brother and I celebrated Jamie’s birthday by surprising her to a dinner and the Seattle Fashion Show. It was awesome. We look SO alike huh…hehe Yeah, nothing alike.

14078659000.jpgBut we like being silly. Believe it or not that is Eric’s silly pose. I love Jamie’s pose. Jamie: You look cute even cross eyed!

14078681779.jpgBlack and white is good to me and my brother.

Love you Jamie! Happy birthday!!!!



As of 3:20 pm

Today’s been one of those days that once I woke up I was focused and had energy to do what needed to be done. It’s amazing. Doesn’t happen that much.

Here is a little clue:

I’ve done the laundry. All of it.¬†Hallelujah.

Made/stocked up on homemade soup. Freezing as we speak.

Made lots of chocolate/marshmelllo cookies for daddy/daughter. Froze about 30 cookie dough balls ready for a rainy day. Chocolate chip and lots of coconut. Yum.

Made a white bean garlicky spread for a girly pizza. And an olive spread. I love those little salty bites. Olives=goodness.

Cleaned out fridge.

Watched Sleeping Beauty with my princess.

Did the emails, about to edit picts of my sisters photo shoot and eating soup.

I have decided on the EASY Polish dish I will attempt. Ňľurek

I am praying it will be¬†eatable¬†but we’ll see in the end. It’s a favorite of Travis’. Here’s to trying new things and hopefully being able to taste a bit of Poland soon in our home!

Jamie and Sean

I had a great and somewhat surprising weekend. My sister and her boyfriend came for a planned visit- which I promptly forgot about till she texted me she was 20 min away. Oh snap. I took the fastest shower yet, got the princess and I dressed for actual people just in time to welcome them.

I was actually SO excited to have them here. I love hosting, but there is nothing better than having family visiting.

I took advantage and labeled myself the¬†embarrassing¬†sister and asked them to pose for me. They were of course super cool with it. It was his first time in Portland and of course it was raining. Boo. But he is from Seattle so he’s used to it.

Bath time

this is emma again, coming to you live from the bath tub. which in itself is one of the happiest places in the world which can rival disneyland. just the thought of bath time brings a light to my eyes and i will do anything mom asks. clean up. throw things away. make dinner. i really am amazing.

my aunt jamie is here and she is so super fun to watch me in the tub. she plays with me and she loves to pretend. which i’m an expert in. in my¬†observation¬†adults loose their imaginations as they age. a horrible way to live. no wonder peter pan went to neverland. anyhoo….

here is jamie posing and wishing she wasn’t getting her picture taken. hehe i like power.

Nonebut jamie is only so much fun. no offense jamie but my toys will do whatever i say. they love me and i’m their master. here is my mommy pony. she loves her babies. and she loves to swim.

Noneisn’t she beautiful. my mommy did her hair. i love it. and finally here i am. cheeese!


Jamie Graduating

This last weekend we were in Seattle for my sisters graduation from high school. It was eerie being back in a huge gymnasium with cap and gowns. To think…10 years ago this month I was also walking down and¬†receiving¬†my diploma. So much has changed.

In any case it was awesome to see Jamie walk down and get hers and see her with all her friends. She is so grown up it’s freaking me out. lol I actually had tears in my eyes as I watched her…then Emma began freaking out and my sentimental moment was gone. Emma was desiring to walk around and explore. Totally 2 yrs old thing to do, not¬†conducive¬†to a QUIET graduation. Oh well. It went great and Jamie was the star of the whole night. Here are some shots.

NoneNoneNone None None None None None None None None None None

Yes I’m alive

(push F11 to see this full screen!)¬†And I haven’t forgotten you. I have been wanting to post, but being in Seattle, not always around a computer and visiting EVERYONE has been a bit overwhelming. SO I just focused on trying to document it with my little Fuji friend. All in all, I took over 200 pictures. Yikes.

I first want to show you my good friends Ferry and his wife Robyn. They have an adorable little boy, Josiah. They live in Holland and both our families look forward to hanging out more when we’re in Europe.

Robyn and I

Robyn, I just have to say that I count it a huge¬†privilege¬†to have been able to be apart of your life for the past 4 or so years. I am happy to see how much Ferry loves and dote’s on you. ¬†Having our children be friends as they grow up is just the icing on the cake. ¬†I really really look forward to going on holiday’s together as families and having Thanksgivings together too. ¬†~alexis

After stuffing ourselves at Claim Jumpers-yum

(I love how pale fair skinned Emma and I are)

Emma and Josiah

OK, and now a huge amount of pictures. I took some on Thanksgiving…but that is for another post. You will understand later. hehehe My sister and I woke up at 4:30am and went shopping the day after Thanksgiving. And it was a blast seeing old ladies push their way tot the cashier and get free little gifts that I’ll either throw away soon or give to Goodwill. For this post, it’s of Trav, me and Emma along with my mom and sister Jamie. (Check out her blog here!) We went downtown for black¬†Friday¬†and saw the Christmas tree lighting. It was beautiful, cold, fun, cold, a great memory and cold. At least Emma was all bundled up.

I can't believe I used to live in this amazing city!

Trav and Emma

cute huh ūüôā

Me and Travis in heaven

Travis and my mom My mom and sister Jamie

*sigh, I love my sista

'Rawr' says Jamie

Silly girls on the Monorail Jamie taking MILLIONS of pictures

Monorail Station Here it comes

Clean city

Everywhere we went the garbages were full of people’s trash. As ‘duh’ sounding as it is, Seattle-ites keep their city clean! They use their garbages and there isn’t any lying around on the streets. And of course the garbages were filled mostly with Starbucks cups. But hey, it was a cold night and what else would you drink?!

The tree before it was lit The tree after it was lit

Before and after the tree was lit. They even had fireworks after it! They also had choirs to lead the masses in Christmas carols before it was lit.

The best baby ever

Emma is the best toddler baby ever. She didn’t fuss, want out or anything else. She even fell asleep in the stroller. *sigh, my little personal angel.

Wow beautiful My city man

It was a LONG night and so we went home and snuggled in our fleece pj’s ¬†with your pants stuffed into your socks- don’t judge us we were freezing. (my mom and I) and Trav zoned out on his new phone, Jamie was into downloading her picts, Emma was asleep in her room and there was coffee brewing.

Fleece pj's Trav and his phone

I think we went to bed around 11pm. Long black Friday day. But oh so worth it.

Because of Jamie

Because of Jamie this post is all about pictures. Jamie, my sister, just uploaded some beautiful pictures of a walk in my dad’s neighborhood. They’re of everyday objects that she made to look beautiful- bravo James. They were so simple that I thought I would take some pictures around here in honor of her last post. (Go HERE to see her blog)

There is no reason of any of the pictures, complete randomness. But a quick warning: there are a lot of pictures. Cool ones, but a lot.

Gift basket

A friend recently broke her leg AND ankle falling down her stairs at home. Freaky. So I made them a meal and also this gift basket. It’s basically full of tons of different chocolates, magazines and a card. She is bed ridden and¬†literally¬†can’t move so what else is she going to do?! I feel so bad for her…

Goodnight Moon

Good night moon…

Pumpkin Spice

My favorite candle in our living room. It’s almost gone! ūüôĀ

*Thanks mom for getting it for me, our home never smelled so nice.

Say Whaaat?!

My savior on cold mornings

The temp says it’s 28′ C in our living room…*sigh and it never felt so good.

Just me

Autumns figureprint


Bread crumbs

How the heck did Emma’s pancake crumbs get on the living room rug?! Guess I’ll be¬†vacuuming¬†today.

My girls

Emma caught eating pancakes in the living room! It looks beautiful on her top lip, don’t you think?

Our ceiling fan in action

Emma wanting more- she reminds me of Godzilla...BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!

Our poor cats need a new scratching post

Sticking her tongue out

When I start taking photos Emma gets a little jealous and wants to sit in my lap. Cutie pie.


Emma's favorite kitty

Emma’s favorite kitty right now

Under our couch

Items under our couch: A plastic egg, a headband, top of a water bottle, Note wrapped in twine, plastic gourd, pink hair clip and bobby pins wrapped together with hair band. All pieces our cats decided they should put under the couch. Thank you Chloe and Janek.

Piec say 'arf arf!'

Chloe chillin

Europe and US time

USA and Europe time

Dew-y grass



I love bright colors…can you tell? Happy November!