As of 3:20 pm

Today’s been one of those days that once I woke up I was focused and had energy to do what needed to be done. It’s amazing. Doesn’t happen that much.

Here is a little clue:

I’ve done the laundry. All of it. Hallelujah.

Made/stocked up on homemade soup. Freezing as we speak.

Made lots of chocolate/marshmelllo cookies for daddy/daughter. Froze about 30 cookie dough balls ready for a rainy day. Chocolate chip and lots of coconut. Yum.

Made a white bean garlicky spread for a girly pizza. And an olive spread. I love those little salty bites. Olives=goodness.

Cleaned out fridge.

Watched Sleeping Beauty with my princess.

Did the emails, about to edit picts of my sisters photo shoot and eating soup.

I have decided on the EASY Polish dish I will attempt. żurek

I am praying it will be eatable but we’ll see in the end. It’s a favorite of Travis’. Here’s to trying new things and hopefully being able to taste a bit of Poland soon in our home!

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  1. Those cookies look great. Do you have a recipe for them! MMM;-)

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