Sleeping in…

I remember being so mad as a teenager. There I was, peacefully sleeping on a Saturday morning, and there he was tromping around like a mountain troll banging walls and stomping around waking up our neighbors- or so I believed. Who cared that it was after 10 am. I WAS SLEEPING. ME!! Didn’t he care or have an inkling of compassion for his dear daughter?! Apparently not.  When I finally emerged from my room I just glared the worst glare I could. And I remember him saying, ” Hey, after 10 am I’m not going to worry about being quiet. It’s Saturday and I have things to do.” THE NERVE!!! lol

Well, I’m now a mom myself. And my eldest daughter is now moving into the “I’m dead if it’s before 10 am” stage.

And you can probably hear this coming but… I’ve adopted my fathers rule. Before 10 am sure. I’ll be quiet. (which isn’t saying too much because I’m super clumsy)  I’ll adopt it as my own quiet time and I enjoy that. But after 10-all bets are off. I’ll do whatever tickles my fancy- like taking a picture of her sleeping and post it for all to see and lament about parenting a pre-teen. 🙂

If you have any advice for parenting a preteen, I’m all ears. 🙂

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