Photo shoot: Brianne

I have a great friend who I was able to take some pictures of, for her blog. She sells fabulous scarfs and is about to open an Etsy store! I’ll let you know when she does, you’ll love it!

Not only am I learning more about taking pictures of people, but this is a free way of shamelessly promoting my handmade ‘artisan’ products…and…..

This is totally going to embarrass her too so it’s just one more fabulous reason to post this. 😉


This black and white is my favorite. GORGEOUS.

I hope you like these- I do! It was impossible to take bad pictures of her- she is too beautiful. 🙂 One of her favorite colors is yellow, so…..


I’ll only limit this post to maybe 5 pictures. Or 10.  😉



The beautiful, lightweight, flirty, girly necklace was made by me. 😉

Go check her blog out and say hi!


“This is SO feels like I’m taking my senior high school pictures.” Brianne

“Yeah, only this is way cooler! It’s like, your awesome blogging ‘Hi!! Look at me! This is my blog’ picture!!” Me

“Uh huh.” Brianne

17033969112.jpg(she made the scarf above!)

OK, end of photo overload, you found the end of this post.

I’m ending it with another favorite.


The amazing Carley Bishop

We had a friend take some family pictures of us back in Seattle. It was awesome because she was so straightforward and relaxed at the same time. She said things like, ‘OK, now I’m going to be all up in your business!’ and smiling the same time and it was just normal to smile back and laugh. Which was perfect for someone who’s all up in your business. You don’t want to make a silly face or anything right?

I actually asked for this. A silly picture. Surprising I know.But it’s me and I wanted a picture of that.

We walked all around downtown and I found out somethings about myself:

1. I wish I had brought a scarf. I always wear scarves and it would’ve been nice to represent that.


2. I wish I had brought Emma a hat. Cold, slightly breazy weather makes for cute, little, red noses though. 🙂


3. I will always have Carley take our family pictures. She makes the whole thing seem normal and natural. Who cares that we’re on the monorail and she’s in our faces taking pictures like we’re movie stars. *click *snap click*  That’s normal-right? 🙂


4. I am HORRIBLE with cheesy predictable backgrounds. I was saved by Travis and Carley. (although she is the professional). We have now nice artistic pictures that don’t scream ‘Touring Seattle’.


This is Travis’ favorite picture. 🙂 And no we weren’t posing, we were looking at the huge fountain outside Seattle Center House. We were just ignoring her and this is what she got. lol Amazing what good pictures you can get when you ignore the photographer.


All in all, for me it was fun to be snuggly with Trav and have someone document it. These are the times and moments I want to remember. Who needs to remember fights or disagreements?! I want to remember the times I stole kisses from him. 🙂 Memories of me being dorky and him smiling and joining in.


This next one is my favorite of  Trav and I


Good thing I didn’t have anything in my teeth huh! 🙂 Sorry, did that ruin the ‘aww’ moment? lol


If you live in Oregon or Washington please please, for your own good, pay to have Carley take your pictures. It will be a good experience. Full of laughing and goofing off. Why should picture taking be so serious anyways?! I learned that about her. She wants to take pictures that capture you as a family or couple. Being you. Laughing, making faces or whatever.

*And, no, Carley has no idea I’m writing this. It’s just because it was so wonderful and awesome! Even Emma was into it for 4 hours! That takes skill people. Here’s her web site.

showing off my daughter…easy to do

None None None

Emma and I went to the main cpark and because of the overcast day there it wasn’t busy. I was having so much fun taking pictures and using new features that I was feeling super duper generous. So I took her out to chocolate milk.

None None None

Click on the picture to see it larger. Really pretty. 🙂 And now I know how to copywrite all my pictures. Yay!

Because of Jamie

Because of Jamie this post is all about pictures. Jamie, my sister, just uploaded some beautiful pictures of a walk in my dad’s neighborhood. They’re of everyday objects that she made to look beautiful- bravo James. They were so simple that I thought I would take some pictures around here in honor of her last post. (Go HERE to see her blog)

There is no reason of any of the pictures, complete randomness. But a quick warning: there are a lot of pictures. Cool ones, but a lot.

Gift basket

A friend recently broke her leg AND ankle falling down her stairs at home. Freaky. So I made them a meal and also this gift basket. It’s basically full of tons of different chocolates, magazines and a card. She is bed ridden and literally can’t move so what else is she going to do?! I feel so bad for her…

Goodnight Moon

Good night moon…

Pumpkin Spice

My favorite candle in our living room. It’s almost gone! 🙁

*Thanks mom for getting it for me, our home never smelled so nice.

Say Whaaat?!

My savior on cold mornings

The temp says it’s 28′ C in our living room…*sigh and it never felt so good.

Just me

Autumns figureprint

Autumn’s fingerprint

Bread crumbs

How the heck did Emma’s pancake crumbs get on the living room rug?! Guess I’ll be vacuuming today.

My girls

Emma caught eating pancakes in the living room! It looks beautiful on her top lip, don’t you think?

Our ceiling fan in action

Emma wanting more- she reminds me of Godzilla...BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!

Our poor cats need a new scratching post

Sticking her tongue out

When I start taking photos Emma gets a little jealous and wants to sit in my lap. Cutie pie.


Emma's favorite kitty

Emma’s favorite kitty right now

Under our couch

Items under our couch: A plastic egg, a headband, top of a water bottle, Note wrapped in twine, plastic gourd, pink hair clip and bobby pins wrapped together with hair band. All pieces our cats decided they should put under the couch. Thank you Chloe and Janek.

Piec say 'arf arf!'

Chloe chillin

Europe and US time

USA and Europe time

Dew-y grass



I love bright colors…can you tell? Happy November!