South African Autumn!!!

I am out of town right now, relaxing on the couch of my Oma’s/Opa’s. Eating sauerkraut (yum!) and watching 4 generations of ladies hanging out. Family. Fun times. But I have a great friend who I asked to guest post today. Her name is Kerstin and lives in Cape Town, South Africa. I asked her to give us an idea of what a typical South African Fall is like. Please give her tons of awesome comments! 



Hi there, this is Kerstin. I am a German long term missionary in South Africa.
When I think of Fall or Autumn, Herfs (africaans) or uKwindla (xhosa) as they call it here, I want to help you understand HOW different it is here in Cape Town.
Cape Town is the most southern big city in all of Africa. I live south to the equator  in the southern hemisphere. Thus my fall/autumn/herfs/ukwindla looks quite different. I call my Fall: Spring. I know, it’s getting complicated. Please hang in there. For everyone who lives north to the equator (USA, Europe, Russia, Canada etc).

Fall is the season before winter. When the leaves fall from the trees, we can see fall in its full glory. Fall brings cooler temperatures and fall prepares nature for winter. Now, it is getting confusing: this is pretty much the same for us living in the southern hemisphere EXCEPT that our Fall functions like a Spring. Our Fall prepares nature for Summer. Yes we have Summer during Christmas time. I still need to get used to that one lol.
Our Fall shows warmer temperatures and lots of colors. It begins in the late September, early October weeks.
In South Africa we celebrate the of September as Spring Day and in October all the flowers blossom.What a great season here!
We have warm days and cool nights. Every day, I can see more vibrant colors and I looooooooove colors. I am an artist, so colors inspire me.
It is said that the Western Cape (the region around Cape Town) has the widest range of flowers and plants. Incredible. For anyone who is extremely allergic (pollen), this season is not such a happy one 🙁
So YES: Fall is my Spring. Fall-Autumn-Herfs-uKwindla!
What do I like to do in this season here in South Africa?
-getting in my car and driving around to stand in awe of the beatuy of nature that is unfolding before my eyes
-starting to sun bathe again ( I have fair skin  and I KNOW how to protect myself after several experiences… – the sun here is extremely aggressive!)
– listening to the birds and watching them
My car  Snowflake starts to be hot again even with the amateur AC I start to cook in it…and I can leave my windows open overnight hehe.
I loooooove Fall in South Africa!! Here, the colors are green, red, magenta, fuchsio, teal, yellow, bright orange and yellow…amazing!!!
Fall – Autumn- Herfs – uKwindla

Autumn Walk


Emma and I went on an Autumn walk today. Not only did she get to pick up leaves but she got to hear me rattle away about changing seasons,acorns, squirrels, cooler weather, scarfs, and most importantly pumpkin desserts.



It was, for me…. a perfect date. We both loved the wind and how it was making the leaves sail in the air. Eventually, we became silent. Both of us lost in our own world, but would every once in a while say, ‘Oh! look at this one!’


I loved seeing the colorful leaves. Emma only wanted to bring green ones home. Um, OK.


Autumn is my favorite season. I’m one of ‘those’. The pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, pumpkin pie, changing trees/bushes/everything, pumpkin bread. And boots!


It’s a season where the world around us looks like it’s on fire, but the temperature cools. Warmth and coolness.

Kinda like hot cocoa with whipping cream on top. An awesome contrast. 


I hope you have a grand Thursday and pray you get a little down time tonight for yourself. 

Drink a spiced something go pick some leaves. 🙂


Colorful Ramblings

***Popcorn thoughts***

I would be so happy to not cook dinner for at least a week. At least.

I am super excited about our book club meeting Wednesday! GIRL TIME!!!

Made Emma’s Christmas list/sent it to family and already seeing how God is providing awesome presents for Emma.  (future post about presents soon)

Cooler weather in our forecast, my scarfs are hanging and ready to be worn. 

I’m reaching out to women I’ve admired from afar. Feels nervous and good all at once.

Missing these creatures:

Basketball Chloe 001.JPG

Made Travis a favorite meal tonight and feel like I got a present with how much it meant to him.

We’ve been watching Star Trek (Netflix) together as a couples/date time at home and think it’s fun. More Planetarium visits in our future.

I hear all my friends talk about their boxes/bags full of local produce and I’m sick of it. God, where’s MY bag?!! waaaa…

Really excited to be visiting my Oma and Opa soon. Should be a relaxing trip.

Making potato soup tomorrow. Nummy.

Needing a haircut. Anyone have a good person they would recommend?

Saying good bye to a close friend tomorrow. It’s never easy, no matter how often we’ve had to do it.

My mom

My mom wrote this in an email to me. Love you mom…


” I love summer, but am quite ready for fall. I love the cooler weather, wearing warm fuzzy sweaters, the shadowy trees silhouetted in the fog (oh, yeah!), enjoying a hot drink while watching the rain come down, stepping on crisp leaves and hearing them crunch beneath your feet, sitting by a warm, crackling fire and soaking up its heat.

Yes, fall and winter have a beauty of its own. Witnessing the snowflakes slowly dancing their way from heaven to earth, listening to the wind sing its song of praise to mankind. The gift is in noticing the beauty and glory all around. It’s all there, just waiting to be noticed.”


First day of Fall

A friend took me out to lunch today and I had my first taste of pumpkin pie.

It was spicy, smooth and wonderful.

I’ve missed you pumpkin pie, but I’m glad we’re getting reacquainted.





Because of Jamie

Because of Jamie this post is all about pictures. Jamie, my sister, just uploaded some beautiful pictures of a walk in my dad’s neighborhood. They’re of everyday objects that she made to look beautiful- bravo James. They were so simple that I thought I would take some pictures around here in honor of her last post. (Go HERE to see her blog)

There is no reason of any of the pictures, complete randomness. But a quick warning: there are a lot of pictures. Cool ones, but a lot.

Gift basket

A friend recently broke her leg AND ankle falling down her stairs at home. Freaky. So I made them a meal and also this gift basket. It’s basically full of tons of different chocolates, magazines and a card. She is bed ridden and literally can’t move so what else is she going to do?! I feel so bad for her…

Goodnight Moon

Good night moon…

Pumpkin Spice

My favorite candle in our living room. It’s almost gone! 🙁

*Thanks mom for getting it for me, our home never smelled so nice.

Say Whaaat?!

My savior on cold mornings

The temp says it’s 28′ C in our living room…*sigh and it never felt so good.

Just me

Autumns figureprint

Autumn’s fingerprint

Bread crumbs

How the heck did Emma’s pancake crumbs get on the living room rug?! Guess I’ll be vacuuming today.

My girls

Emma caught eating pancakes in the living room! It looks beautiful on her top lip, don’t you think?

Our ceiling fan in action

Emma wanting more- she reminds me of Godzilla...BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!

Our poor cats need a new scratching post

Sticking her tongue out

When I start taking photos Emma gets a little jealous and wants to sit in my lap. Cutie pie.


Emma's favorite kitty

Emma’s favorite kitty right now

Under our couch

Items under our couch: A plastic egg, a headband, top of a water bottle, Note wrapped in twine, plastic gourd, pink hair clip and bobby pins wrapped together with hair band. All pieces our cats decided they should put under the couch. Thank you Chloe and Janek.

Piec say 'arf arf!'

Chloe chillin

Europe and US time

USA and Europe time

Dew-y grass



I love bright colors…can you tell? Happy November!

Tis the Season

Tis the season for pumpkin carving, hay rides, buying candy in bulk, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Knee high boots and hot chocolate/cider. I accomplished most on the list this past week and even though I don’t have pictures of them all (that would be kinda freaky to me) I do have a picture or two of some pumpkins we put our artistic stamp on.

Patti Pumpkin

I decided that I had to name her. So let me introduce you to Patti Patrice. She likes cold nights, laughing with children and small votive candles. Nice to meet you Patti!

Artist Emma

I will now officially say that Emma has entered into her abstract phase in her artistic career. She likes to paint and color with her left hand and hates stopping. Well done Emma!

Weird Thoughts

Fall day

I am enjoying today. It started off pretty rough…that will go unexplained, sorry. Anyhoo, things gradually got better. Emma’s snuggles can warm the coldest heart, I watched a movie while she slept, found out we are invited to Trav’s Halloween party and we are going out for dinner tonight. Nice huh.

Now besides the light kinda shallow things that happened, I am trying to motivate myself to get certain things accomplished. I’m not sure that will happen…it’s hard and mainly feels overwhelming. I don’t know what I would do with a huge house…either have a nervous breakdown or hire a maid. I know you understand and aren’t judgmental. Thanks. List of things to do  still: Fold laundry(worst part of laundry in my opinion), finish cleaning Emma’s seat, tidee up Emma’s room with her (which could take forever at a 1 yr olds pace), run dishwasher, make Emma dinner and leave for Young adults group tonight. (Trav is speaking)

Things I did and am happy about today:

I am VERY happy Emma is taking a long nap, we went outside and strolled in our neighborhood (quite relaxing), watched Kate&Leopold (cute movie but my favorite are the girls dresses in the end), finished dishes, found friend that started blogging and I’m appreciating the cooler weather, scarves and jackets.

Pumpkin Patch

For some reason I thought that as a child grew up, it would be easier to take pictures of them. Nobody told me that, I just came with it on my own. Maybe next year it will be easier.

We went to the pumpkin patch for a friend’s birthday (London’s 2!) and of course I jumped at the idea of taking fall pictures. They turned out…great of Trav and Emma, but just OK with me and her. I do believe I have the cutest child there is and proof of it was today. She was so adorable it hurt. We unfortunately didn’t get to bring home pumpkins, because their ATM was broken and they only took cash…so yeah: Safeway here we come. Enjoy the pictures. All in all it was a nice sunny, cold, windy fall day. I’m making homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner. Yum.

She of course HAD to have her goldfish.

Our family fall picture 09

OK all together...'awwwww'

Daddy and Emma

Me and Emma- I have a thing for flowers on hats and scalloped edges.

See what I mean?! Trav and Emma are adorable and us…well by the time it was my turn she was more than ready to go.

Emma ready to go-she hit her wall

And finally the dirty wheel barrel cart thing. She absolutely LOVED it. She loved pushing things in it, playing in it and having daddy push her in it. When we left she threw a fair tantrum because we had to leave it behind. (*Good Christmas present, family members-hint, hint)

Emma and daddy

Onion Rings

I have noticed a trend in my making and baking…it all seems to be unhealthy. Unfortunately this post isn’t any better. Instead of being super sweet it’s super greasy. But it was really tasty! Yes, as you can tell from the title of this post, I made onion rings for dinner last night. (link is a similar recipe. I didn’t follow any but fooled around in the kitchen and made my own kinda) I was really nervous because I was making them with red onions. Would they turn out and taste as good as yellow onions? Yes! They didn’t look like a bloomin onion or anything, but they were great! And super fast and always a favorite with me. One red onion made about 15 onion rings. I apologize for the pictures- not my best or favorite. I am still learning how to take pictures at night and use all the different options my camera has. It doesn’t help that I’m not a fan of the flash either. Hope you can make them- kids would enjoy helping you.

Yesterday Emma and I went to the park to enjoy the falling leaves and cooler weather. It was nice to get out of the house and not have to drive anywhere. Below are also some photos of our time there. Enjoy!

You have to have it with ketchup of course!

A close up...yikes....still figuring out the lighting situation in my kitchen

She's so darn cute!

Emma and I- she has striking blue eyes

And lastly my favorite. I love black and whites