Pumpkin Patch

For some reason I thought that as a child grew up, it would be easier to take pictures of them. Nobody told me that, I just came with it on my own. Maybe next year it will be easier.

We went to the pumpkin patch for a friend’s birthday (London’s 2!) and of course I jumped at the idea of taking fall pictures. They turned out…great of Trav and Emma, but just OK with me and her. I do believe I have the cutest child there is and proof of it was today. She was so adorable it hurt. We unfortunately didn’t get to bring home pumpkins, because their ATM was broken and they only took cash…so yeah: Safeway here we come. Enjoy the pictures. All in all it was a nice sunny, cold, windy fall day. I’m making homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner. Yum.

She of course HAD to have her goldfish.

Our family fall picture 09

OK all together...'awwwww'

Daddy and Emma

Me and Emma- I have a thing for flowers on hats and scalloped edges.

See what I mean?! Trav and Emma are adorable and us…well by the time it was my turn she was more than ready to go.

Emma ready to go-she hit her wall

And finally the dirty wheel barrel cart thing. She absolutely LOVED it. She loved pushing things in it, playing in it and having daddy push her in it. When we left she threw a fair tantrum because we had to leave it behind. (*Good Christmas present, family members-hint, hint)

Emma and daddy

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