Christmas Party

Company Christmas Party. Vegas theme. Fabulous time and I thought you might like to see some souvenir pictures. 🙂 Yes, it was that fun.



In the top left Travis knocked me over and spilled my drink. You can see it coming out of my glass. 🙂



There was a live band, cigar room, tons of tables to try your luck, amazing food and, yes…even show girls with feathers walking around. We feel so lucky to be apart of something so amazingly cool and I continually tell Travis that he is not allowed to ever quit this company just because of the Christmas parties.  Completely reasonable, right?! 


Christmas 2012 Cards

**Warning: tons of pictures comin’ your way. Cute ones, but a lot****


We took Monday to go to Mt. Hood to take some family Christmas card pictures. I love how they turned out. 


 I have learned that it is very important to keep the ‘kissy kiss’  as I call it, in a marriage.  I really look forward to taking these type of pictures when we’re old and gray haired. Things get better with age.


Emma wasn’t having a great time. It was either one or the other extreme. Either she was so happy playing in the snow she didn’t want to take pictures, or she was too cold and didn’t want to take pictures. This is why there’s lots of Travis and I.


I cannot tell you how cold we were when we were done. The fireplace made all the females happier.

(aka: no more drama)


And of course, Emma and Rylee….



We went with some friends and got some good shots of them too.





Their last name starts with  ‘G’, thus the G in the picture.



***Check out my blog tomorrow for the bloopers. Yes, Amy I said that. muahaha!****

Day 28&29: Flowers/Black and White

I have decided to join some other bloggers to do a 30 day challenge. We are following a fun list of things to take a picture of every day for a month. It would be awesome to have you join in on the fun! Just let me know so I can follow ya. 🙂

Day 28 and 29: Flowers/Black and White
Love this picture I took of Emma and the headband. Just dreamy for some reason. Like a little window into that time.
OK, up next is a black and white. It was taken by her. We had a family photo shoot done for Christmas last year and it was so much fun! 

Day 6: from a low perspective

I have decided to join some other bloggers to do a 30 day challenge. We are following a fun list of things to take a picture of every day for a month. It would be awesome to have you join in on the fun! Just let me know so I can follow ya. 🙂

Day 6: from a low perspective


The turtles are a favorite collection of Emmas. She has only two.

The wonderful, vintage, horsey friend used to be Travis’ when he was little.

*I hope you are not suffering from allergies like me. I love the fall weather but with the wind kicking things up- it is a no win battle. Here’s to braving every season with whatever it brings.*

Decorating home for ALL members of your family

Confession: Ever since we’ve been married, I’ve been jealous of other wives who have full control of decorating their home. 


Ever since we said, ” I do” Travis and I have had equal say about everything concerning decorating our home. He has just as much opinion and ideas about making our home, “Home”. We are also both vocal, stubborn people so we’ve had many…’discussions’ about pillow cases,  wall colors, comforters and table ware. However, through the years, I’ve just gotten used to it, thinking it’s just the way it is….but, honestly, internally I wanted full control to make our home as girly as I wanted.

I had this ‘awesome’ mindset that MY home is about ME. MY choices, MY castle to decorate.Who cares if others are living here too. MY opinion rules. ME.

Fast forward to a couple days ago, I was reading a blog about how she makes her home comfortable and “Home” for everyone in the family.

“What?!” “Not about ME?!” 

It convicted me. It made sense and also just kinda obvious. Like a splash of cold water in my face. I was able to shake my head and think about um…my family…not just what this mama likes. *ouch


If, in your home, the daddy/kiddos don’t care- bonus for you! Chose those fabrics, flowers and flatware you love! It might be fun (relative) to involve your hubby more in those choices. He might learn that he cares and it could be a fun hobby for you both. Frustrating for you? At times.

But I’ve found items have more meaning/memories attached when we’ve gotten in an argument. For example, over a stupid lamp shade. When I look at the one we eventually chose, I smile because we are learning what the word, Compromise means. Oh and is it ever uncomfortable.


I also have a manipulation tendancy I’m trying to shake off. For example, and fun for you to read:

I might make pieces, like this pink M, that Travis will look at and is say, “Cool Alexis….um… it’s pink” And I look proudly and say “YES! Isn’t it cool! Emma and I love it and did it together!” He so lovingly swallows his “ugh, it’s like, florescent pink” and lets me display it. It helps when people compliment it. 😉

But I hope I don’t do that very much and that I’m learning to listen and consider His opinions. I’ve learned it’s somehow tied to respect for him. It’s a lesson I’m struggling with but still attempting to understand.

So, overall our home hasn’t really changed. Just this mama’s perspective and attitude…for at least today.











Today is a day for dipping pretzels into Nutella. It’s a day for drinking hot tea that almost burns my tongue.

It’s a day to be thankful for the amazing man God put into my life.


It’s a day of me praying to God, ‘pleeeeease let Emma take a nap!’ (Right now she’s been in her bed for 1 hr. ugh guess it will be an early bedtime)

It’s a day for Emma to learn her shapes and focus on the letter E.

It’s a day that will end in pj’s, slippers and tutus. Homemade chocolate chip pancakes. Lots of syrup. Peanut butter. And eggs on the side.


What does your Tuesday look like?

Purple cauliflower and root beer floats

This is another very deep post. It’s all about soup. My love for it and passion to try new recipes out. I’m actually thinking about making Saturdays soup nights. 🙂

I have this compulsion to always have soup in my house. Homemade soup. ESPECIALLY in the freezer. I makes me feel reassured that there is always the soup to rely on.  Travis reminds me about it when I’m freaking out about what to make for dinner.

All that to say, I got this magazine from 2010’s Taste of home- and it’s all about soup. Different kinds, cheat tricks, all kinds of meat options, noodles, broths and other exciting options. I’ve already dove tailed many pages with the intent on trying some new recipes out. I’m really interested in trying out cold soups- for the summertime.

(I am partial to cream soups, which just so happen to be the opposite of my lovely meat eating husband. It’s like…cheesy broccoli marries chunky meaty stew)

I may be overly optimistic here, but I found this recipe for creamy cauliflower soup and I’m sure he’ll like it. Ooo, maybe I can find purple cauliflower! How pretty would that be?! …But I’m thinking I’d have to add some form of meat with it for Trav if I’m making him eat purple soup. hehe

I’m going grocery shopping this coming Tuesday and I have a list of items to buy. Excited!


On another subject, yesterday was a root beer float day. Just like today.


So I have sad news. Trav will be gone for Valentines day in Chicago. I have a plan though to help me through it. 🙂 Stay tuned for what that looks like.

Embrace the Camera

NoneI’m linking up with Emily with Embracing the Camera. Such a great thing created by a great woman. Read her story, it’s awesome. She is adopting a little girl from Africa and it’s a story you must read. My family is not a stranger to adoption and could see us possibly adopting in the future. We’ll see though, lol.

Here’s a picture of Emma with me. 🙂


Clearly the main person to look at is Emma. She has this thing with being touched. She loves it. And I think I was playing with her hair just because it was there and randomly Trav took this. So great of her huh.


Thursday mornings I go to a woman’s group where we talk about our relationship with God, our lives, family and laugh a lot too. I was really looking forward to it this year, being with women who I’ve opened up to and created a friendship with.

And being close to women is a hard thing for me to do. For some reason I have…no HAD a hard time being vulnerable. I didn’t think they liked, trusted, believed or respected me. It’s a personal thing and I’m getting over it. Each time I open myself up and reveal a part of me I feel kinda like a bird that’s been locked up in a cage is let free. I love it. And it helps when most of the women tell me what I struggle with is similar to what they deal with.

It seems like an epidemic, women that deal with the same things and desire a ‘real friend’ but don’t open up to those who are in their circle of relationships. I am getting much better and now…dare I say, I enjoy meeting new women and look forward to sitting and talking with gals I don’t know that well.

I do have to make a disclaimer though. I can only take so much estrogen. Going to an all women get together can be overwhelming and draining for me. I guess if it’s tons of women who are talking loudly with ‘awww’s!’ going on everywhere. Overwhelming. That is why I give myself a time limit.  (2-3hrs usually) Which makes me feel more free to enjoy myself.


On a side random note, I really enjoy how Trav can look at me and just tell if there’s something up. It’s annoying sometimes, sure, but overall it makes me feel secure. You know, to have someone know you well enough and just know I need to talk. Love you babe.

Well, off to do a pedi while Emma naps. I don’t want to get stuck with open nail polish and her in the same room. Bad. Things. Happen. 🙂

The amazing Carley Bishop

We had a friend take some family pictures of us back in Seattle. It was awesome because she was so straightforward and relaxed at the same time. She said things like, ‘OK, now I’m going to be all up in your business!’ and smiling the same time and it was just normal to smile back and laugh. Which was perfect for someone who’s all up in your business. You don’t want to make a silly face or anything right?

I actually asked for this. A silly picture. Surprising I know.But it’s me and I wanted a picture of that.

We walked all around downtown and I found out somethings about myself:

1. I wish I had brought a scarf. I always wear scarves and it would’ve been nice to represent that.


2. I wish I had brought Emma a hat. Cold, slightly breazy weather makes for cute, little, red noses though. 🙂


3. I will always have Carley take our family pictures. She makes the whole thing seem normal and natural. Who cares that we’re on the monorail and she’s in our faces taking pictures like we’re movie stars. *click *snap click*  That’s normal-right? 🙂


4. I am HORRIBLE with cheesy predictable backgrounds. I was saved by Travis and Carley. (although she is the professional). We have now nice artistic pictures that don’t scream ‘Touring Seattle’.


This is Travis’ favorite picture. 🙂 And no we weren’t posing, we were looking at the huge fountain outside Seattle Center House. We were just ignoring her and this is what she got. lol Amazing what good pictures you can get when you ignore the photographer.


All in all, for me it was fun to be snuggly with Trav and have someone document it. These are the times and moments I want to remember. Who needs to remember fights or disagreements?! I want to remember the times I stole kisses from him. 🙂 Memories of me being dorky and him smiling and joining in.


This next one is my favorite of  Trav and I


Good thing I didn’t have anything in my teeth huh! 🙂 Sorry, did that ruin the ‘aww’ moment? lol


If you live in Oregon or Washington please please, for your own good, pay to have Carley take your pictures. It will be a good experience. Full of laughing and goofing off. Why should picture taking be so serious anyways?! I learned that about her. She wants to take pictures that capture you as a family or couple. Being you. Laughing, making faces or whatever.

*And, no, Carley has no idea I’m writing this. It’s just because it was so wonderful and awesome! Even Emma was into it for 4 hours! That takes skill people. Here’s her web site.