Purple cauliflower and root beer floats

This is another very deep post. It’s all about soup. My love for it and passion to try new recipes out. I’m actually thinking about making Saturdays soup nights. ūüôā

I have this compulsion to always have soup in my house. Homemade soup. ESPECIALLY in the freezer. I makes me feel¬†reassured¬†that there is always the soup to rely on. ¬†Travis reminds me about it when I’m freaking out about what to make for dinner.

All that to say, I got this magazine from 2010’s Taste of home- and it’s all about soup. Different kinds, cheat tricks, all kinds of meat options, noodles, broths and other exciting options. I’ve already dove tailed many pages with the intent on trying some new recipes out. I’m really interested in trying out cold soups- for the summertime.

(I am partial to cream soups, which just so happen to be the¬†opposite¬†of my lovely meat eating husband. It’s like…cheesy¬†broccoli¬†marries chunky meaty stew)

I may be overly¬†optimistic¬†here, but I found this recipe for creamy cauliflower¬†soup and I’m sure he’ll like it. Ooo, maybe I can find purple cauliflower! How pretty would that be?! …But I’m thinking I’d have to add some form of meat with it for Trav if I’m making him eat purple soup. hehe

I’m going grocery shopping this coming Tuesday and I have a list of items to buy. Excited!


On another subject, yesterday was a root beer float day. Just like today.


So I have sad news. Trav will be gone for Valentines day in Chicago. I have a plan though to help me through it. ūüôā Stay tuned for what that looks like.

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