Thursday mornings I go to a woman’s group where we talk about our relationship with God, our lives, family and laugh a lot too. I was really looking forward to it this year, being with women who I’ve opened up to and created a friendship with.

And being close to women is a hard thing for me to do. For some reason I have…no HAD a hard time being vulnerable. I didn’t think they liked, trusted, believed or respected me. It’s a personal thing and I’m getting over it. Each time I open myself up and reveal a part of me I feel kinda like a bird that’s been locked up in a cage is let free. I love it. And it helps when most of the women tell me what I struggle with is similar to what they deal with.

It seems like an epidemic, women that deal with the same things and desire a ‘real friend’ but don’t open up to those who are in their circle of relationships. I am getting much better and now…dare I say, I enjoy meeting new women and look forward to sitting and talking with gals I don’t know that well.

I do have to make a disclaimer though. I can only take so much estrogen. Going to an all women get together can be overwhelming and draining for me. I guess if it’s tons of women who are talking loudly with ‘awww’s!’ going on everywhere. Overwhelming. That is why I give myself a time limit.  (2-3hrs usually) Which makes me feel more free to enjoy myself.


On a side random note, I really enjoy how Trav can look at me and just tell if there’s something up. It’s annoying sometimes, sure, but overall it makes me feel secure. You know, to have someone know you well enough and just know I need to talk. Love you babe.

Well, off to do a pedi while Emma naps. I don’t want to get stuck with open nail polish and her in the same room. Bad. Things. Happen. 🙂

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