Pumpkin patch…kinda

OK, so we tried to go to the pumpkin patch with it’s amazing pony and carnival rides but with only an hour till closing as we walked up- they wanted to charge is $82 buckaroos!!! I was like…’forget this!’ and everyone else was debating it. hah. They actually wanted to charge little Emma $17 to go in0- adult price!

So instead we went to their pumpkin patch but didn’t buy anything. They have a separate patch where it’s mostly picked over. We were there only for pictures though so with that mindset we  were ok. Well most of us. Emma didn’t get that memo.

Poor Grammy!


Once we got to the patch and pumpkins she started crying and telling the scarecrows to ‘go away!’ She was scared of them 🙁 But I was so proud that she used her words!


This was the best we could get of Gramps, Grammy and Emma. She wasn’t going for picture time. But thank goodness Gramps acts silly around Emma! We were able to get a great family shot!


Love her hat. I got it from a friend and I added the buttons. 🙂

And finally, Emma was into a smile phase for 3 min and I just so happen to be holding her.


Pictures of Friends

I’ve not been on this much recently because I’ve felt more and more like I’m on here too much. I want to be able to use my blog to chat with you all and to also be creative. But I’ve felt almost like a ‘I have to blog’ compultion and I wanted to nip that in the bud.

Travis took these pictures of our friend who was recently married in Frakfurt, Germany. The pictures here are of the civil celebration. The wedding ceremony was done the next day. I’m so glad Trav got the opportunity to go and have this adventure. He took them and I edited them from home while he was away. How cool is technology?!


Robyn and Josiah


Mr and Mrs!!!!


My favorite. I hope to print this out and send it to them framed. Nothing like a fabulous wedding picture!


There’s just something about weddings that make the world seem a little better. A little less crazy and scary. A little more hopeful. A little more full of love.


So glad you all had a great time and I look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

Last but of course not lease, because lets face it, wh can get enough wedding pictures?!


bye Trav

must. make. these.


Good-bye Trav. I already miss you and am dreading the 6 oclock hour when you get usually get home…

Emma is already saying that she’s getting on an airplane too. She misses you a lot.

But I hope that you have a grand adventure. Taking tons of pictures, drinking cappuccino’s and best of all hanging with friends and talking till the wee hours of the morning. You deserve this break, have a great trip and we’ll be waiting here for you when you get back. Who knows, I might even make a chocolate cake for you when you return…hmmm like a welcome back party? SHMILY.

Portland Polish Festival


They were amazing. The Poles know how to bake.


Travis and AJ


This is sweet Rylee. She got a HUGE amount of apple cotton candy and loved it.



Isn’t she adorable?!


Polish pottery is famous. Isn’t it beautiful?! You know you want it. I saw a gorgeous tea pot and wanted it badly. Sad day.

It was a beautiful day. More pictures will be coming tomorrow


Cannon Beach

So I’m totally frustrated right now cause Picnik isn’t working and I’m not able to edit any pictures of the beach. *breath and close my eyes….so all but the last two pictures are unedited.


Yesterday started with me waking up to Emma WAY too early on a Sunday morning. We were looking forward to hopfully sleeping at least till 8am. Wishful thinking on our part. So while I’m downstairs feeding her I got the idea that we haven’t been to the beach as a family in like…well forever! So I run upstairs (Trav is still in bed-not asleep but protesting getting out of bed early. At least he has that freedom) and explain how much fun it would be to visit the beach. He agrees and I’m off packing sack lunches (we’re broke) and I’m giddy thinking about the typical beachy things to do.


We went to Cannon Beach on a perfect day. It wasn’t windy or cold! We even saw a wedding in progress on the beach. 🙂 Haystack Rock was clear and yeah, we were so happy to have gone.


But there was a problem. It had entered my mind as we were driving there but I quickly dismissed it, but it came true.  This was Emma’s first time where she was able to really interact with the beach and “enjoy” herself. Sadly, she wanted nothing to do with it and the feel of the sand or water freaked her out. So She clung to Trav or me the whole time. Acting like a monkey. We tried hanging out with other little kids so she could see that the beach isn’t evil and playing in the sand isn’t torture. She still hated it. Sad, but next time we’ll try it again and see how she does.

Heck, the grown ups had fun! Trav and I wrote in the sand, dig a little with Emma’s shovel and took pictures. At least we enjoyed ourselves. 🙂





OK, those 2 were obviously photo edited. Wish I could have done more. I hope it works later today.

So we after the ebach we went and walked around town. Adorable, if you get the chance to go- take it! They had tons of my favorite flower- poppies!


They have lots of great little restaurants to go to. If you’re not from Oregon, or even if you are, take a trip to the Oregon Coast. Not only is the scenery amazing but the foods pretty good too! 🙂 Like AMAZING. But since we took our lunch yesterday, we went out for ice cream and coffee. But it was SO tempting to go out and have some chowder or fish and chips.


Trav got an iced Chai and the German Chocolate Cake ice cream (from Tillamook). Looks really good huh. 🙂


I got the Bubble Gum ice cream. This was the only picture I got of mine. Emma had a childs scoop of double chocolate fudge. Lol. We were walking through the line and she starts yelling out “Chocolate! Chocolate!” hehehe I guess she has her father’s taste buds for sweets.



Hope you had a good weekend. Here’s to starting each day this week already believing it will be a good day.

Duvall, Washington

We went to Travis’ high school reunion this last weekend in Redmond, WA. It was really cool to be able to meet so many that I’ve heard about. Trav is also one of those people who keeps in contact with a lot of his old friends- the polar opposite of me. There was good friends, food and dancing. Not to mention a couple of shmoozy guys who were hoping I was Trav’s girlfriend. *eewwww

Anyways, we were able to spend a nice relaxing day with Trav’s family Sunday. Then again, any day in Duvall is relaxing and chill.  Altogether it was really nice and surprisingly humid. Enjoy the pictures! I had a hard time choosing between the 189 we took that day. I will definitely be posting more tomorrow.

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Fathers Day

On Fathers Day we went to Mt Taber to walk around in their beautiful park area. They had great scenic views. Trav had fun with the camera and captured a few pictures. I edited some to post here. Later we went out to eat. Hope you had a great Fathers Day!

*for those of you who can’t see my pictures I’m working with Travis to fix that. Sorry and thanks for your patience!

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Memorial Day

Memorial day is finishing up and we had an amazing day! Lunch with missionaries and friends and then off to Build a Bear with Emma. I am so happy Travis didn’t work today. It’s been relaxing and fun all day. Here are a few pictures of our adventures.

Oh and I’m going to have to post my meal plan on this tomorrow. Boring for you-fun for me.

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