Day 24: Animal

I have decided to join some other bloggers to do a¬†30 day challenge. We are following a fun list of things to take a picture of every day for a month. It would be awesome to have you join in on the fun! Just let me know so I can follow ya. ūüôā

Day 24: Animal
My firs baby. Man I miss her, I hope she will call our house ‘home’ soon. She is staying with my mom right now. Miss you Chloe!!


I have a certain group of shirts (usually the new ones) that have mysterious holes on the front of them. This mystified me for longer than I would like to admit until one day I was sitting on the couch and up jumps Chloe, my domestic raccoon.

*side note: I always forget how old she is, but I love her and would spoil her rotten if I had the money.

So up she jumps on my lap jealous for my attention because I have the lap top on my lap and am obviously rejecting her. (or so she thinks in her twisted wonderful little mind of hers) She always tries to sit right on top of the lap top as if lightening will hit me and I will then give her full attention which is rightfully hers to command.

She comes up and stretches out over the entire lap top and begins needing my shirt! Oh and gets her sharp little claws caught on my newly bought shirt and yanks her paw away ripping a beautiful little hole! (It doesn’t help that they make women’s shirts so thin now- what’s with that?!)

‘She is the one!’ I think. ‘She did it! She ruined all my shirts and now forces me to layer in a certain ways where you don’t see the holes.’ *scowl at Chloe- like that will teach her.

So what do I do? Make a mental note and make sure she’s comfortable next to me and the lap top. I sure showed her who’s boss.

Nachos and haircuts

Today we had a wonderful family day! Nothing says lounging like nachos and snuggling

the sour cream and salsa is missing in the pictures. But nachos wouldn’t be complete without them.

Emma also thought Chloe looked hungry. They both would live on cheese so why wouldn’t her furry friend like nachos too?!

I had a dream last night that I was giving myself pixie bangs…so after taking a shower I thought, ‘what the heck’ so I took scissors to my hair. Pretty happy with how it turned out.

I can’t believe St. Partrick’s day is Wednesday. Not my favorite holiday but I suppose it’s an¬†opportunity¬†to wear green, a color I don’t wear much. I hope you have a great Sunday and that you are able to go to bed early. Heck, I hope you were able to stay snuggled in your pj’s all day today and eat brownies, cereal and watching movies.

My Girls

Emma thought Chloe obviously looked like she needed a snuggle from her plastic baby.

When Emma saw how I was taking pictures of Chloe she snuggled down besides her…awww my little starlet.

Because of Jamie

Because of Jamie this post is all about pictures. Jamie, my sister, just uploaded some beautiful pictures of a walk in my dad’s neighborhood. They’re of everyday objects that she made to look beautiful- bravo James. They were so simple that I thought I would take some pictures around here in honor of her last post. (Go HERE to see her blog)

There is no reason of any of the pictures, complete randomness. But a quick warning: there are a lot of pictures. Cool ones, but a lot.

Gift basket

A friend recently broke her leg AND ankle falling down her stairs at home. Freaky. So I made them a meal and also this gift basket. It’s basically full of tons of different chocolates, magazines and a card. She is bed ridden and¬†literally¬†can’t move so what else is she going to do?! I feel so bad for her…

Goodnight Moon

Good night moon…

Pumpkin Spice

My favorite candle in our living room. It’s almost gone! ūüôĀ

*Thanks mom for getting it for me, our home never smelled so nice.

Say Whaaat?!

My savior on cold mornings

The temp says it’s 28′ C in our living room…*sigh and it never felt so good.

Just me

Autumns figureprint


Bread crumbs

How the heck did Emma’s pancake crumbs get on the living room rug?! Guess I’ll be¬†vacuuming¬†today.

My girls

Emma caught eating pancakes in the living room! It looks beautiful on her top lip, don’t you think?

Our ceiling fan in action

Emma wanting more- she reminds me of Godzilla...BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!

Our poor cats need a new scratching post

Sticking her tongue out

When I start taking photos Emma gets a little jealous and wants to sit in my lap. Cutie pie.


Emma's favorite kitty

Emma’s favorite kitty right now

Under our couch

Items under our couch: A plastic egg, a headband, top of a water bottle, Note wrapped in twine, plastic gourd, pink hair clip and bobby pins wrapped together with hair band. All pieces our cats decided they should put under the couch. Thank you Chloe and Janek.

Piec say 'arf arf!'

Chloe chillin

Europe and US time

USA and Europe time

Dew-y grass



I love bright colors…can you tell? Happy November!

What a Typical Monday looks like in my house

What a typical Monday looks like in our house.

We usually eat blueberry pancakes

On a typical Monday and most days you will find me making either crepes or pancakes. (different verities of course) Emma and I both love them.


I turned to clean her tray from breakfast and hear this ‘whosh’ sound…oh no. As I walk into the living room I see Emma has emptied the ENTIRE box of Goldfish crackers. hehe Life is too short to get mad over things like this. I took some pictures and we learned how to clean up.

Emma snuggling

Emma is a snuggler, most of the time. She loves, and ¬†I mean loves, Chloe. And Chloe likes her, but I think that’s because Emma feeds her human food- just a hypothesis. Anyhoo, I was looking on Facebook in the morning and looked up to find this. How cute! (notice the pancake still in her hands) I didn’t remember to turn on the flash though- my bad.

Attack of Chloe

I can never ever get on the computer and not have Chloe want to all of a sudden snuggle with me. ¬†It makes it impossible to type. She can’t be¬†comfortable¬†with me typing and moving- but there she stays. Sweet¬†stubborn¬†thing.

They like to snuggle with eachother


Any time I take photos of the cats, Emma comes up and fake smiles wanting me to take some of her…I love that about her. That’s about it. I didn’t take any photos of last night, but I went to a friends house to watch MNF and Trav stayed home and chilled with Emma. Have a great Tuesday.

What the?

I typically do not write two posts in a night. But tonight was no normal night. It started by me getting into my attractive comfy PJ’s. There is nothing better than fleece on a cold night…nothing. So here I was relaxing…don’t you wish you were me here?! (Don’t worry, you won’t in a sec.)

Relaxin' and you can only do this best when you have unmatched socks

I was snuggly in bed loving the warmth of my blankets when I hear a cat meow. ‘Crap’ I think. Because I can tell what kind of meow that is. That is my cat Chloe downstairs wanting me to play with her and her stupid basketball. I ignore her thinking she’ll just have to suck it up and realize it’s way late and to just give up.¬†Stubborn¬†is her middle name. She gets me so annoyed and it’s impossible for Trav or I to sleep so I go downstairs and find this letter:

to mom

from chloe

i know you can hear me. i want you to get out of your nice warm snuggly bed and play with me. i am first, you are second. you haven’t played with me in a long time anyways, and you keep hiding my balls everywhere. but one day i will learn how to open drawers and i’ll get them all. GET OUT OF BED! i know you can hear me and you’re ignoring me. just for that, i’ll sleep on your face tonight and¬†suffocate¬†you or maybe i’ll wake emma up really really early. yeah…i know you heard me- get down here! …oh good here you come.

xoxo me

~So what did I, her annoyed and tired mom, do? I smiled, and took pictures thinking of you bloggers. I thought you would enjoy this. I actually think I pissed her off even more by not playing with her then hiding the dumb ball. Enjoy the pictures…hehehe

Chloe and her stupid basketball

The flash was annoying her

Finally, now throw that ball so I can fetch it

Kittie Photo Shoot

Do you ever have those days where most things seem pretty? Today is that day for me. Maybe it’s the cooler weather. Who knows. I took a photo shoot of my cats and got some pretty beautiful ones…but also some crack up F.U.N.N.Y. pictures. Those of course, I’ll post. ūüôā

Let me introduce you to the other man in the house, besides Trav. His name is Janek, pronounced ‘Yanek’. He is the most lovable cat I’ve ever met. He has never hissed at anything and you could pull his tail or whatever and he’ll just take it. He’s crazy. Trav is very proud to call him, ‘My cat’. Whatever. I still think my Chloe is better.

Hansome Janek

Oh yeah...hehehe

Let me introduce you to Chloe. She is annoyed by most everyone and will swat at you if you get into her bubble. She is NOT pregnant, just fat. She was my first baby. And apart from me (her favorite) she adores Emma. (but that could be because she feeds her people food) She is a closet snuggler and an all around perfect cat for me.


*sigh, I love her so much...

Be nice because I also am posting a picture of myself. I feel a little uncomfortable doing that but when I read blogs I always like to see photos of the writer/blogger so here you go. BE NICE TOO. This is with wet hair and no make up. Why? Because I know you can relate to me when you get out of the shower and have like 5 min before needing to rush out of the door. I also am getting in the holiday spirit by buying some bright Autumn colored candies. Because I don’t eat candy, I’m thinking when the little kiddies come Trick and Treatin’ I’m going to let them take 2 handfuls.

Lemon, Apple, Orange and Cherry

Cinnamon and Butterscotch

What can I do with these now?

These cookies turned out to be a complete flop. I told Trav I was making them for his coworkers…but yeah. They turned out to be little disks of weirdness. Not giving those away. No way.

And finally: me.

No make up and wet hair?! Why am I posting this?!!

Warning: Tons of photos coming your way

I have an obsession with nature. Mainly trees,plants, grass and anything else organic and green. I think all the different shades of green are SO amazingly beautiful. So much so, that I’m seriously thinking about getting another ¬†tattoo.¬†(yes, I already have 2)¬†¬†I’m thinking an elm tree on my wrist…still on the drawing board though.

So as I was saying, I love anything green. And I’m talking REAL green. Not the fake bright artificial green that turf is made of. Disgusting. Travis is going to be finishing this blog for me with a really cool custom header. One I get to chose and create. I obviously want something green and of nature. That, I thought, would correctly represent myself. After taking a couple (more like 27) pictures, I began taking some of a couple cool trees, branches and sadly, a dying ¬†leaf.¬†(evil insects) Enjoy! I’m planning on taking seasonal pictures and post them with each season as it arrives. I have a couple trees and shrubbery that will turn beautifully bright in Autumn and I’m SO looking forward to that. OK, enough for now. Enjoy your Wednesday as I leave for the dentist. ūüôĀ

~I had to sneak a couple photos of our cats in. hehe

A hill I named: Nobb Hill

Can't see the Forest through all the Trees

Sad Leaf

Pretty Tree Limb