What the?

I typically do not write two posts in a night. But tonight was no normal night. It started by me getting into my attractive comfy PJ’s. There is nothing better than fleece on a cold night…nothing. So here I was relaxing…don’t you wish you were me here?! (Don’t worry, you won’t in a sec.)

Relaxin' and you can only do this best when you have unmatched socks

I was snuggly in bed loving the warmth of my blankets when I hear a cat meow. ‘Crap’ I think. Because I can tell what kind of meow that is. That is my cat Chloe downstairs wanting me to play with her and her stupid basketball. I ignore her thinking she’ll just have to suck it up and realize it’s way late and to just give up. Stubborn is her middle name. She gets me so annoyed and it’s impossible for Trav or I to sleep so I go downstairs and find this letter:

to mom

from chloe

i know you can hear me. i want you to get out of your nice warm snuggly bed and play with me. i am first, you are second. you haven’t played with me in a long time anyways, and you keep hiding my balls everywhere. but one day i will learn how to open drawers and i’ll get them all. GET OUT OF BED! i know you can hear me and you’re ignoring me. just for that, i’ll sleep on your face tonight and suffocate you or maybe i’ll wake emma up really really early. yeah…i know you heard me- get down here! …oh good here you come.

xoxo me

~So what did I, her annoyed and tired mom, do? I smiled, and took pictures thinking of you bloggers. I thought you would enjoy this. I actually think I pissed her off even more by not playing with her then hiding the dumb ball. Enjoy the pictures…hehehe

Chloe and her stupid basketball

The flash was annoying her

Finally, now throw that ball so I can fetch it

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  1. Alexia, you make me laugh. Pretty clever of your hubby! “Pretty cat,” comments karisma!

  2. Sorry Alexis! I am on my phone.

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