Everyday Events

The ‘everyday events’ with Emma are the most precious to me. The dressing up and singing loudly in her closed room, her getting out ALL my Tupperware and making a birthday party for me or her playing with my hair with her plastic curlinig iron and blow dryer. 

There will be a time when I won’t be able to get her to wear those princess dresses or hear her sing Sleeping Beauty using the wrong words. She will not want to immediately involve me in everything she does…

aaahhhh! Just thinking about that is making me cry. But I think this is EXACTLY the perspective I need DAILY. I need to remember this a special precious time we are living with her.


I want to wrap my hands around this time and release the need to say ‘no’ because something will be messy or inconviniant for me. Because this time is not about me. 

And, there will be a time when I will have time for myself. When I will have things to do and Emma will have her own. But right now, our two lives are intermixed and…I absolutely love it. Molding a little babe to be an independent, confidant person who is constantly questioning and learning is the best job I could ever ever ask for.



These pictures are a perfect example. When she took out her ‘Molding Clay’ I said she could play with one color.


How could that be fun to a 3 yr old?! Well, obviously I wasn’t thinking of her but I didn’t want the colors mixing….right?!! Heck, I spent good money on those! ($1 store) 

I then had this out of body experience and saw my controling-ness and what I was saying to her. I quietly sighed and let her go to town with the colors. All of them.


She mixed colors and made many animals, princesses and even poop!   hahahaha

Playing with her, mixing colors and knowing they would forever be blended, I grew up just a little bit.


Photo shoot- Emma

I don’t pretend to be a professional photographer. I do not have the equipment or the education. But as I was looking at some photo shots, I thought, ‘I could kinda do that.’ So here is my attempt.

I kinda only had one model. And she’s too young to say no. 😉




and lastly,


I am limited with the photo editing I have now but I think it may be changing soon. (*cough, Travis)

What do you think? They’re not the ‘professional amazing quality’ but I’m pretty happy with them!

Happy Monday everyone!

Home Tour: Emma’s room

***we are in the middle of changing her room, new pictures to come!***

Here is another piece of our house-Emma’s room. It was the first room I put together moving here, in fact I was maybe more excited about her having her own room than she was! lol


And just to pre-warn you, I took a whole lot of pictures. So get your coffee cup and get in a comfy spot. 🙂


Emma needed her scarf on. Who care that it is hot (90′) – fashion comes first. hehe

And also ignore my tea cup on her pink table. Totally forgot I left it there. Oh well.


This is where we sit and do her pre-school work. She knows the letters of her name and the sign language letters E-M-M-A. Pretty proud of her. Her solar system is going to hang just to the right of this. It’s going to look pretty cool 🙂 I’m super excited!

Above the chalkboard is her ‘Memory shelf’. Basically, things she is not allowed to play with so she can have it when she’s older.


The princess lunch box goes with us to the Zoo. But the cowboy hat was Travis’ when he was a boy, the picture frame she painted and decorated holds a picture of Aunt J and her fluffy teddy bear is from her great Oma and Opa. And her hand/footprint I did when she was teeny. *sigh…now her shoe size is a size 7! Growing girl…


Next is her dresser. Pretty basic, but the lower drawers are toys, puzzles and other odds and ends she likes to play with.



The horse was made just for Emma! You can see her initials on this leg on the back. 🙂 And sometimes Emma likes to nap in the inflatable tent thing. 🙂


Her bed. And a most favorite item: her quilt/blanket made by my Granmom.


Her dress up area:


And her treasures in her treasure chest….which I want to make cooler. Fall/Winter project I think.


Princess dresses, wands, jewelry, tutu’s and pretend hair kits. Everything a little girl could want. 🙂

Lastly is her favorite area. Her Book hideout.



This is where she naps everyday. She LOVES it in here. She sometimes shuts herself in and plays with her flashlight. And we like to snuggle in the pillows and read books together. I like to show off her artwork so she can feel proud of what she accomplishes. Plus the art on the fridge.

Right now she is playing on our balcony with water. I absolutely LOVE hearing her play by herself!

So there you have it- Emma’s room. 🙂

My little hypochondriac


I know most kids love band aids. I wonder if they see it as a colorful accessory.


However this little girl loves them to an extreme. And not just band aids, but ‘owies’.She once created an ‘owie’ on her leg and limped the ENTIRE DAY, refusing to walk normally and throwing a serious fit because we refused to hold her each time she needed to go upstairs. Seriously?!

Well today she discovered a little scab on her foot. (teeny tiny scab) and I was prepping for a hard day when she discovered that.

14954185922.jpgBut I decided to document this all like a fun project so we might have a different result than last time.

14954039600.jpgThis was the first time she did everything herself. And she chose the purple one of course. 🙂

14954357136.jpgAnd she did it. She missed the actual scab but oh well. 🙂

14954387974.jpgAnd how could we forget ‘the throw up bag’. She needed it this morning. *sigh


Here buggy, buggy

***************written by Emma******************

did you know i’m a certified bug catcher?! it’s true. just one of the many talents i posses.

14672161702.jpgit’s true, i can whistle AND spit at the same time. and also become wrinkly in the bathtub. talented. yes.

but right now i’m loving bugs. at a good long distance of course. like this ant hill. i stayed far away even though my mommy tried coxing me closer. yeah right!

14672291936.jpgI might get crazy adventurous and make a move closer:

14672407673.jpgcatching (being a good distance away from) bugs is fun.

14672124321.jpgeventually i learned, that to catch bugs in my pink bug catcher, i need to move it around in the air. my mom showed me how to wave it in the sky.


then, my mom tried teaching me about different bugs, where they live and what they eat. i laughed SO HARD when she told me bugs eat leaves and grass. no they don’t! dogs do! clearly it was my time to educate MY mom.

hope you have a great day! we’re going to an actual park where bugs live. i told my mom they don’t live in fields but in parks. good thing i told her or we would never have gone there to find bugs.



I need an attitude change

Since when did my sanity depend on nap time?! Oh yes, now I remember. That is the only time I can kinda call my own. Sure I have to do dishes, laundry, phone calls/emails, but I can decide to lounge on the couch and do nothing if I wanted. That choice, that beautiful choice is heavenly.

Where is all this coming from?

Emma took about a 30 min nap today. Which is not the end of the world. She’s missed naps entirely before…which is not OK for her or me. Couple that with her attitude today being more than it’s ever been and you get one mom who is so seriously looking forward to nap time.

I made one mistake however. One MAJOR mistake, and if you can learn from my mistake PLEASE do:

I told Emma that when she woke up, she would be able to paint the rocks she collected from a trail. Sound innocent enough right? Well after 30 (at the most) she yells at me, ‘MOMMY! I DID IT!’


From that moment on she was sure she had completed her allotted nap time and it was now time to get her ‘creative on!’ Her… feisty attitude carried on through her words, actions and attitude which resulted in her taking ‘rest time’ in my bed and me taking a time out for myself. (totally acceptable)

So what am I doing about it all? Nothing. Eating lemon squares, drinking milk and electronically whining. I might even make some hot cocoa when I’m done.

*How am I writing all this? Emma’s finger painting the rocks and it’s blissfully silent. Bath time will ensue.



Actually, now that I have MY grown up hat on, I’ve had time to breath and there’s no more lemon squares…. I must say that I have learned a couple valuable lesson:

1. Next time I will save any exciting news till after nap time.

2. In Blogland, I can start a post with my inner child complaining about parenting and then end by being the adult my age reminds me I am. All wrapped in dramatic writing. Fun.

3. Lemon bars are powerful.

~I hope this helped you. In either trying a new parenting technique or trying a new pastry. Both are worth it.

my great day

******written by yours truly. me. the one, the only- emma.*****

14204141136.jpgMonday morning:

my friend came to play today! and i was so excited to show my toys to her! the moment she came in i forgot about mommy. but she didn’t forget to document EVERYTHING in photos…how annoying!

we did our best to ignore her and watched strawberry shortcake in my bed together! all snuggled under the blankets. 🙂 lots of giggling and jumping. with the white princess drape thing over us of course. privacy mother…

14203073611.jpgafterwards, my mother tried a tactic to get us away from the tv: we smelled the sweet aroma of chocolate chip cookies. MUST. HAVE! the snack was apples and cookies with apple juice.

14203302144.jpg 14204223735.jpgthey were frozen. made a month ago and rolled into little balls. she randomly takes a handful out to bake. i’m happy when she does. we baked some extra for daddy.

we then went outside for a walk. hooray!! i liked rylee’s bright rainbow coat better than mine (softer) and rylee liked mine. so we switched.

14204081038.jpg 14204304534.jpg

i now believe that before you become a mommy, you must first take a poparotsy class. some lessons before graduating: 1. You must tell your child to smile no matter what they’re doing. 2. Take forever to take a picture and finally 3. Run after child with camera yelling, ‘look at me!’.

case in point:

14204015551.jpgi’m sorry rylee. so embarassed.

14204249181.jpgseriously mom. we’re done.

14204935333.jpgyou have a photo problem.

maybe your church has a healing class for it or something. it should be called, ‘photographers anonymous’. i would sign you up. because i love you of course.

so back to you reader, while my mom was clicking her heart away we heard the train coming and ran to see it up close! it’s so loud and exciting and the driver man waves at us!

14205228148.jpgi liked waving to the people inside. it’s what we do in the zoo train too.

14205184666.jpgthen my mom said something that made up for all the photos: ‘do you girls want to finger paint?!’ Yeah!!!! so on the walk we picked up our own rocks to paint when we came home.

it was so much fun! then we got to go into the bath and play together (t otake the paint off)


to top it off, we then had lunch and did some artistic interpretations in chalk up on our balcony. (we scribbled)

I hope you had a great monday morning too! and if you’d like me to write more, tell my mommy. she’s a blog hog.

Our addition

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. Yesterday Emma and I surprised Travis with a little fish waiting in our house. 🙂 I love surprising other people.


Travis enjoys fish. So much so that we have a clean large aquarium and all the toys, cleaners, filters, food and pebbles. Empty. For sale. Why did I buy a boring beta fish then?!

We have the…lucky (?) talent of buying fish that are pregnant. So in one night we go from having 2 fish to about 30. Yeah. Won’t go into the drama fish stir up in our family. In which case you ask me how dramatic can fish really be?!


Trust me my friend, fish stir up drama.

I chose a beta fish because:

1. You can chose the sex. Not to be sexist, but a male beta fish won’t surprise you with baby fish. So yeah, guess I am.

2.  Emma really wanted a purple fish.

3. They can live in a bowl without any filtration.

4. Emma’s been into Nemo so…


SO… we bought this little (MALE) beta fish which is still un-named. Emma loves him and had to eat her breakfast next to him as he was eating his.


Hope you have a great weekend full of rest.


I was sick yesterday. Boo. But a wonderful friend brought me a get well package! How thoughtful! Amongst all the wonderful treats was a plant of beautiful light purple flowers.


SO pretty and are now planted snuggly next to my chives and other herbs. (needed some hight to that planter)

But flowers are also my worst enemy these days. I am now in the full swing of seasonal allergies. Honestly, nothing too bad to complain about. I’m mostly allergic to the beautiful flowers that are blooming and making our world more beautiful so…no room to complain.

There is something I seriously LOVE about a little kid having a messy face.


She was a good sport for a while, but then all patience for me and the camera vanished.

14127356097.jpgI don’t think she was expecting me to bust up laughing at seeing this face. Unpredictability, it’s a parents secret weapon.