Our addition

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. Yesterday Emma and I surprised Travis with a little fish waiting in our house. 🙂 I love surprising other people.


Travis enjoys fish. So much so that we have a clean large aquarium and all the toys, cleaners, filters, food and pebbles. Empty. For sale. Why did I buy a boring beta fish then?!

We have the…lucky (?) talent of buying fish that are pregnant. So in one night we go from having 2 fish to about 30. Yeah. Won’t go into the drama fish stir up in our family. In which case you ask me how dramatic can fish really be?!


Trust me my friend, fish stir up drama.

I chose a beta fish because:

1. You can chose the sex. Not to be sexist, but a male beta fish won’t surprise you with baby fish. So yeah, guess I am.

2.  Emma really wanted a purple fish.

3. They can live in a bowl without any filtration.

4. Emma’s been into Nemo so…


SO… we bought this little (MALE) beta fish which is still un-named. Emma loves him and had to eat her breakfast next to him as he was eating his.


Hope you have a great weekend full of rest.


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