my great day

******written by yours truly. me. the one, the only- emma.*****

14204141136.jpgMonday morning:

my friend came to play today! and i was so excited to show my toys to her! the moment she came in i forgot about mommy. but she didn’t forget to document EVERYTHING in photos…how annoying!

we did our best to ignore her and watched strawberry shortcake in my bed together! all snuggled under the blankets. 🙂 lots of giggling and jumping. with the white princess drape thing over us of course. privacy mother…

14203073611.jpgafterwards, my mother tried a tactic to get us away from the tv: we smelled the sweet aroma of chocolate chip cookies. MUST. HAVE! the snack was apples and cookies with apple juice.

14203302144.jpg 14204223735.jpgthey were frozen. made a month ago and rolled into little balls. she randomly takes a handful out to bake. i’m happy when she does. we baked some extra for daddy.

we then went outside for a walk. hooray!! i liked rylee’s bright rainbow coat better than mine (softer) and rylee liked mine. so we switched.

14204081038.jpg 14204304534.jpg

i now believe that before you become a mommy, you must first take a poparotsy class. some lessons before graduating: 1. You must tell your child to smile no matter what they’re doing. 2. Take forever to take a picture and finally 3. Run after child with camera yelling, ‘look at me!’.

case in point:

14204015551.jpgi’m sorry rylee. so embarassed.

14204249181.jpgseriously mom. we’re done.

14204935333.jpgyou have a photo problem.

maybe your church has a healing class for it or something. it should be called, ‘photographers anonymous’. i would sign you up. because i love you of course.

so back to you reader, while my mom was clicking her heart away we heard the train coming and ran to see it up close! it’s so loud and exciting and the driver man waves at us!

14205228148.jpgi liked waving to the people inside. it’s what we do in the zoo train too.

14205184666.jpgthen my mom said something that made up for all the photos: ‘do you girls want to finger paint?!’ Yeah!!!! so on the walk we picked up our own rocks to paint when we came home.

it was so much fun! then we got to go into the bath and play together (t otake the paint off)


to top it off, we then had lunch and did some artistic interpretations in chalk up on our balcony. (we scribbled)

I hope you had a great monday morning too! and if you’d like me to write more, tell my mommy. she’s a blog hog.

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