I need an attitude change

Since when did my sanity depend on nap time?! Oh yes, now I remember. That is the only time I can kinda call my own. Sure I have to do dishes, laundry, phone calls/emails, but I can decide to lounge on the couch and do nothing if I wanted. That choice, that beautiful choice is heavenly.

Where is all this coming from?

Emma took about a 30 min nap today. Which is not the end of the world. She’s missed naps entirely before…which is not OK for her or me. Couple that with her attitude today being more than it’s ever been and you get one mom who is so seriously looking forward to nap time.

I made one mistake however. One MAJOR mistake, and if you can learn from my mistake PLEASE do:

I told Emma that when she woke up, she would be able to paint the rocks she collected from a trail. Sound innocent enough right? Well after 30 (at the most) she yells at me, ‘MOMMY! I DID IT!’


From that moment on she was sure she had completed her allotted nap time and it was now time to get her ‘creative on!’ Her… feisty attitude carried on through her words, actions and attitude which resulted in her taking ‘rest time’ in my bed and me taking a time out for myself. (totally acceptable)

So what am I doing about it all? Nothing. Eating lemon squares, drinking milk and electronically whining. I might even make some hot cocoa when I’m done.

*How am I writing all this? Emma’s finger painting the rocks and it’s blissfully silent. Bath time will ensue.



Actually, now that I have MY grown up hat on, I’ve had time to breath and there’s no more lemon squares…. I must say that I have learned a couple valuable lesson:

1. Next time I will save any exciting news till after nap time.

2. In Blogland, I can start a post with my inner child complaining about parenting and then end by being the adult my age reminds me I am. All wrapped in dramatic writing. Fun.

3. Lemon bars are powerful.

~I hope this helped you. In either trying a new parenting technique or trying a new pastry. Both are worth it.

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