My little hypochondriac


I know most kids love band aids. I wonder if they see it as a colorful accessory.


However this little girl loves them to an extreme. And not just band aids, but ‘owies’.She once created an ‘owie’ on her leg and limped the ENTIRE DAY, refusing to walk normally and throwing a serious fit because we refused to hold her each time she needed to go upstairs. Seriously?!

Well today she discovered a little scab on her foot. (teeny tiny scab) and I was prepping for a hard day when she discovered that.

14954185922.jpgBut I decided to document this all like a fun project so we might have a different result than last time.

14954039600.jpgThis was the first time she did everything herself. And she chose the purple one of course. 🙂

14954357136.jpgAnd she did it. She missed the actual scab but oh well. 🙂

14954387974.jpgAnd how could we forget ‘the throw up bag’. She needed it this morning. *sigh


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  1. Maybe she will grow up to be a nurse like her Oma. She is a very sensitive little girl! 🙂

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