Polish Apple Cake (Szarlotka)

I made a Polish apple cake tonight. We had some friends over and thought it sounded like a safe new recipe.



It’s pretty huh. 🙂 It has 6 apples inside plus a large handful of raisins.


This is how a Pole would serve it probably. Warm with maybe a dolop of cream…but I am American. Can’t ignore it. And although it was super tasty I couldn’t help myself- I had to add a cinnamon glaze. Because apples and cinnamon are the best of friends.

I served it warm. One surprising thing was how dense it was. I couldn’t finish one piece! I have half left over….this is an open invitation to come over and take a piece. Please. 🙂



Will totally make this cake again and you should too! Pretty healthy, super easy and would be great served hot or cold.



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  1. This looks so delish! I definitely want to make it!

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