Polish Apple Cake (Szarlotka)

I made a Polish apple cake tonight. We had some friends over and thought it sounded like a safe new recipe.



It’s pretty huh. šŸ™‚ It has 6 apples inside plus a large handful of raisins.


This is how a Pole would serve it probably. Warm with maybe a dolop of cream…but I am American. Can’t ignore it. And although it was super tasty I couldn’t help myself- I had to add a cinnamon glaze. Because apples and cinnamon are the best of friends.

I served it warm. One surprising thing was how dense it was. I couldn’t finish one piece! I have half left over….this is an open invitation to come over and take a piece. Please. šŸ™‚



Will totally make this cake again and you should too! Pretty healthy, super easy and would be great served hot or cold.



Apple Tart

I made a random apple tart. Partially random. I bought a package of pie crust and it came with two crusts. šŸ™‚ So I made it with Trav in mind. One of his favorite desserts is apple pie. Thus this easy peezy artistic apple tart.


The stand it’s on is made from two pieces I found at Goodwill. I like it. It makes me happy. šŸ™‚


The tart is, as I said above, just one of thoseĀ refrigeratedĀ crusts. I think this is about 3 apples with a little flour, 1/4 cup sugar and butter to top. The flour I just sprinkled in. Sorry, no amount there. Make it for a ‘oh crap there’s company coming over and I have no dessert’ night. It’s awesome! šŸ™‚

Apple Pork Steaks

Easy amazing meal that both Trav AND Emma loved. It’s just any cut pork chop (2) you like with chopped apple (2), half a yellow onion, carrots (2) and spices. The spices are just pepper, salt and then cinnamon.

To. Die. For. Promise.

I couldn’t get an after picture cause to family wanted to eatĀ immediately!


I made twice baked potatoes with it. Perfect with the amazing fall weather we’ve been having. Happy Thursday!

Savory Sweet Sandwich

I grew up in a pretty traditional home. My mom is German and so I grew up thinkingĀ sauerkraut and schmarm was a staple inĀ Ā every home across America. Sure I think cold macaroni salads are puke worthy and -prepare yourself- I don’t like the taste of chocolate. It doesn’t mean I like weird things…that was until today. You know when you go to a fancy dancy restaurant and they have special sandwiches that have cranberry cream cheese spread and apples on their sandwiches? I would always, and I mean always, roll my eyes and settle on the turkey or ham sandwich. Oh yeah. I like adventure. šŸ˜‰

Anyways, I was looking through past posts and was sickened by all the sweet things I make. No, it does NOT mean I will stop (hehe) but it means I need a little more green leafy veggies and fruits in my diet. I was, randomly, craving a sandwich for lunch and decided that not only was I going to make myself one but I would branch out of my…shall we say ‘traditional’ style of sandwiches. Thus became this sandwich…I was really wary of taking that first bite. And the truth was I really really like it! I’m shocked. I actually put apples in my sandwich and ate it. Unbelievable. The fat lady has sung people. I hope you enjoy it- it’s very pretty looking. (it had to be or why else would I eat it?!)


It’s made of:

Plain Cream Cheese with salt and pepper smushed in it

Regular Wheat Bread- oh man I wish I had Chibata or something else fancy like those pretty food blogs…

Spinach Leaves

Turkey slices (I kinda branched out)

Apple slices cut thinly

Red onion

*the trick is to cut the apple and onion the same thickness so they even out each other taste wise. I’m going to make this this week when a friend comes over- sure to impress and really flavorful. You can even make it into a fancyĀ appetizer.Ā Ā Please try it and let me know how you like it!

Wish you were here to enjoy it with me!

Oh yeah baby

Emma and Dora

Yesterday was of course, full and busy. There always seems to be a day where we aren’t resting…hmmm. Not OK. Anyhoo, while Trav was at church early because of vocalĀ rehearsalsĀ (he’s on worship team) Emma and I went to a birthday party. Emma was adorable but was overwhelmed. After a while she wanted me to pick her up and she pointed to the door saying ‘Car, Car..’ Awww my littleĀ introvert- I love her. Here are some pictures of the party.

So adorable

Emma and her dora hat- she has no idea who dora is, but she's cute non the less.

Her sippy was her familiar object she really clung onto the whole time. I think we were there 1 1/2 hrs total

Fast forward to today. Today is Monday. Monday is Alexis’ day. I do not make anything extra special (ie. chocolate cakes, granola, cookies, trail mix, etc) I do not make plans with friends. I lounge and do whatever I want. One day a week is enough for me. šŸ™‚ I did make crepes for breakfast and enjoyed them. We’ve had a nice relaxing day…and I think the next relaxing day might be…next Monday. *sigh. I think blogging helps me during the hard days and helps me have aĀ positiveĀ attitude with our crazy schedule. I am always thinking about what good pictures I could take to blog about. Right now, I’m obsessed with canning…oh and a friend and I are making berry jam Wednesday. I really hope it turns out OK.

Another subject…kinda…Travis LOVES apple pie (it’s OK to me, I prefer cherry) so I am wanting to make and can apple pie filling. Just buy a box of apples and that makes about 8 huge pints of filling! That’s 8 PIES! So in January, all I’ll need to do is make a crust, pour and bake. That is my kind of baking. Enjoy your Monday.