Emma and Dora

Yesterday was of course, full and busy. There always seems to be a day where we aren’t resting…hmmm. Not OK. Anyhoo, while Trav was at church early because of vocal rehearsals (he’s on worship team) Emma and I went to a birthday party. Emma was adorable but was overwhelmed. After a while she wanted me to pick her up and she pointed to the door saying ‘Car, Car..’ Awww my little introvert- I love her. Here are some pictures of the party.

So adorable

Emma and her dora hat- she has no idea who dora is, but she's cute non the less.

Her sippy was her familiar object she really clung onto the whole time. I think we were there 1 1/2 hrs total

Fast forward to today. Today is Monday. Monday is Alexis’ day. I do not make anything extra special (ie. chocolate cakes, granola, cookies, trail mix, etc) I do not make plans with friends. I lounge and do whatever I want. One day a week is enough for me. 🙂 I did make crepes for breakfast and enjoyed them. We’ve had a nice relaxing day…and I think the next relaxing day might be…next Monday. *sigh. I think blogging helps me during the hard days and helps me have a positive attitude with our crazy schedule. I am always thinking about what good pictures I could take to blog about. Right now, I’m obsessed with canning…oh and a friend and I are making berry jam Wednesday. I really hope it turns out OK.

Another subject…kinda…Travis LOVES apple pie (it’s OK to me, I prefer cherry) so I am wanting to make and can apple pie filling. Just buy a box of apples and that makes about 8 huge pints of filling! That’s 8 PIES! So in January, all I’ll need to do is make a crust, pour and bake. That is my kind of baking. Enjoy your Monday.

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  1. Cute pictures of Emma! And what a great idea, cannin the apple pie filling!

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