Crazy Easy Peach Cobbler

Just put sugared (canned or fresh) fruit Ā in a pan. My peaches were too soft to be eaten so I thought this would be perfect. No need to grease the pan.

Just put fruit in…


Add some yellow cake mix on top…


Bake and then enjoy.


Yup, that easy. Enjoy!

Baking Mania

A friend let me borrow her measuring cups (because we don’t have any yet- moving adventures) and I’ve been wanting to do some fall baking. So I’m taking today and tomorrow to bake my heart out and freeze as much as I can. I’m making 2 loaves of banana bread, tons of cookies, cinnamon rolls and muffins.


Here’s my families banana bread. I did not taint it by putting in nuts. I don’t like nuts in my baked goods- it’s a personal thing.



Next I made the cookies. Well, still in progress, Emma is watching ‘Barney Goes to the Zoo’ while I take pictures and blog. Man he’s annoying…


My mom has a secret recipe that I will never give away. I had to promise her my first child if I gave it away. Now that I think about it she would be just fine getting Emma…too bad mom- she’s mine. šŸ™‚



I’m going to make the muffins tonight and cinnamon rolls Saturday morning. Bye peeps!

Emma and Dora

Yesterday was of course, full and busy. There always seems to be a day where we aren’t resting…hmmm. Not OK. Anyhoo, while Trav was at church early because of vocalĀ rehearsalsĀ (he’s on worship team) Emma and I went to a birthday party. Emma was adorable but was overwhelmed. After a while she wanted me to pick her up and she pointed to the door saying ‘Car, Car..’ Awww my littleĀ introvert- I love her. Here are some pictures of the party.

So adorable

Emma and her dora hat- she has no idea who dora is, but she's cute non the less.

Her sippy was her familiar object she really clung onto the whole time. I think we were there 1 1/2 hrs total

Fast forward to today. Today is Monday. Monday is Alexis’ day. I do not make anything extra special (ie. chocolate cakes, granola, cookies, trail mix, etc) I do not make plans with friends. I lounge and do whatever I want. One day a week is enough for me. šŸ™‚ I did make crepes for breakfast and enjoyed them. We’ve had a nice relaxing day…and I think the next relaxing day might be…next Monday. *sigh. I think blogging helps me during the hard days and helps me have aĀ positiveĀ attitude with our crazy schedule. I am always thinking about what good pictures I could take to blog about. Right now, I’m obsessed with canning…oh and a friend and I are making berry jam Wednesday. I really hope it turns out OK.

Another subject…kinda…Travis LOVES apple pie (it’s OK to me, I prefer cherry) so I am wanting to make and can apple pie filling. Just buy a box of apples and that makes about 8 huge pints of filling! That’s 8 PIES! So in January, all I’ll need to do is make a crust, pour and bake. That is my kind of baking. Enjoy your Monday.

Chocolate Cake

List of words Emma says: cat, kitty, dog, chair, car, no, dada and ball. Notice how mama isn’t on the list. Yeah, she knows me by mama and if anyone tells her to come to mama she runs to me. But she just doesn’t say it-stubborn little thing.

Friday I made a chocolate cake. But not just any chocolate cake, it’s called ‘The Best Chocolate Cake Ever’. This is hard for me because I don’t like chocolate. Yes, you read that right, I just don’t like the flavor. Anyhoo, everyone else really liked it and had big pieces. You can go here to find the recipe. It’s NOT from scratch, so it is possible to quickly make this for a dinner party like I did. I made the butter cream frosting from this blog. Enjoy the pictures.

There is half a cake left over and I won’t eat it. (my chocolate comes in the form of tortilla chips) We need to have people over to eat it fast! Check out my giveaway! Tuesday is the deadline- all you have to do is comment! It’s that easy!!

I'm not a big fan of icing so I added it sparingly.

I’m horrible at icing. Really bad, so this is the only picture I will give you showing the cake as a whole. I messed up the icing- like really bad. So even though it tasted really good, it was messy to look at.

I handed out pieces twice the size of this and they were eaten quickly. They said they liked how moist it was.

Care for a bite?

Cinnamon Roll Biscuits

I am SO excited to write this because not only was this fun, easy and quick…but there are 5 other blogging girlfriends making the same thing this morning! I am so interested in how they all turned out and all the variations that were made.

I woke up at 7:30 am- 30 min late, so to say I was in a rush is anĀ understatement. But these are a fool proof recipe and even has the flexibility to be tweeked. Here is the recipe. I didn’t use 1 1/2 C heavy cream, but split whole milk and the cream. My pictures didn’t turn out as good as hers… but I think it took 3-5 min to make and 30 min to bake. Yeah, that simple. Ā They do have a biscuit likeĀ consistency, which IĀ preferredĀ to a normalĀ cinnamonĀ roll. They’re usually SO super sweet and these weren’t. Which I was in danger of eating too many. I added raisins to the icing and when Trav asked what they were, I told him they were bugs. (Man, I’m ready for a little boy šŸ˜‰ ) We had a men’s small group at our house this morning and they all really liked them! Enjoy the pictures! Oh and check out the other girls who did this cinnamon roll bake this morning! They have great blogs! Melissa, Carolina, Charis, Becky and Amy.

(*don’t forget to comment for my giveaway! You have till Tuesday!)

Sorry about the lighting. But they were so pretty!

Served warm and yummy. Emma only cared about eating the raisins-silly girl

It's worth making them-promise