Smiles in the rain


Today’s post is really not that special. I just thought the colors were pretty and wanted to take a picture to remind myself to eat healthier. Like cucumbers and dill swimming in ranch. hahaha

Pretty food is healthy food…heard that somewhere.

And on that same note, I would like to remind myself that I like running in the rain. I was running in between stores getting things for my sickie hubby and daughter and it was pouring. But it was so refreshing! I loved it so much that I couldn’t hold back smiling. After random people started staring and smiling back I was also reminded the power of a smile. Unfortunately it’s not that common anymore.

A huge thing that really set the tone though, which happened before any of the smiling stuff, was me offering an old lady a drive home from the max station. She was bent over, wearing a fur coat, flimsy hat and no umbrella. She was walking uphill-slowly. Remember that it was pouring. I couldn’t ignore the screaming in my head about that woman and the act of kindness that I say I believe in but probably don’t show as much as I should. So I took a u turn, prayed I wouldn’t freak her out by offering her a ride to her house and smiled. She was so nice and told me she didn’t mind the rain! That she lived in northern Alaska for 20 yrs so this rain was nothing. 

It was amazing! What an attitude! I want to be like her when I’m older. That conversation changed my whole attitude for the day. And I wish I can go say thank you to her…but I know our exchange of smiles and my offer to drive her home touched her. Wish I had more experiences like this, but then again it’s really up to me. Risk, streeetch and risk some more. 🙂

Well, have a great day- I might take a run!

*The beautiful blue bowl is Polish pottery and was bought last month in Nowy Targ, Poland. Thank you Weronika and Chris!

Weronika the dancer

Weronika was asked to be a dancer in a local village’s celebration and it was so awesome! Loud live music, cultural dancing and good food- not to mention seeing Weronika dancing! She even made 2 skirts for the girls to wear in traditional Polish fabric.

They’re for twirling in and I think the skirts were given to just the right girls- they LOVED twirling! 🙂 





Tour a Polish flat

 A lot of you have asked us how the Polish decorate and if it looks different or similar. Since we’re staying with some friends I thought I’d take advantage of their cute style and show you! So with their permission, here is a small tour of their house!

House Tour: Witamy u Trochimiuków!

Pokój Dzienny (living room):


It took me about 5 seconds after reading this to realize it’s in English! lol 






Wonderful, beautiful IKEA.

Korytarz (Hallway):









Their daughters’ room requires a whole other post. 🙂 Be looking forward to it. 

Visiting Poland for New Years!


We’re leaving to visit some friends in Poland for New years and I’m so excited!!

 It all happened really fast and I’ve been freaking out ever since. Lots of details to take care of…and just so you know- I HATE details. there. But when I first found out we were going I couldn’t sleep till 3am I was so excited! So yeah, the good far exceeds the stress. Emma’s even been learning a lot more words to use with our friends. 🙂

But I wanted to give you a heads up. I will do my best to blog on all the things we do, see and taste. And the best part- the people! 

 I’ll leave you with a picture we see a lot. It’s the drive between Nowy Targ (where we’ll be staying with our friends) and Krakow. It’s BEAUTIFUL countryside. 


PAPA! (bye bye!)

placki z jablkami : Polish Apple Pancakes


This next Polish recipe is from our friends who stayed with us for a while. ( Hi guys!)

This is super great and simple too. I think the thing that took the longest was peeling the apples. I used this recipe for the cake batter and placed apple slices in the pan.


 I added cinnamon to add just a bit more flavor. But next time I’m going to sprinkle them with powdered sugar first. Didn’t have a chance this time- they were all eaten too fast. 🙂

Hope you make them!


Polish Apple Cake (Szarlotka)

I made a Polish apple cake tonight. We had some friends over and thought it sounded like a safe new recipe.



It’s pretty huh. 🙂 It has 6 apples inside plus a large handful of raisins.


This is how a Pole would serve it probably. Warm with maybe a dolop of cream…but I am American. Can’t ignore it. And although it was super tasty I couldn’t help myself- I had to add a cinnamon glaze. Because apples and cinnamon are the best of friends.

I served it warm. One surprising thing was how dense it was. I couldn’t finish one piece! I have half left over….this is an open invitation to come over and take a piece. Please. 🙂



Will totally make this cake again and you should too! Pretty healthy, super easy and would be great served hot or cold.



Polish Restaurant in LA

We went to an amazing Polish restaurant tonight here in LA. (can’t believe I wrote that sentence!) Trav and I went with a couple that we had met here who care called to Mexico. They are super nice and passionate for the families in Mexico who have nothing. They not only build houses and provide food for the many touched by their ministry, but they reach the people’s spiritual needs more importantly.


We ranted and raved about how amazing Polish food is and as we sat down I realized that there was a chance they might not like it! They’re called to a country that eats mostly beans and rice so what would they do with stuffed cabbage and sauerkraut stew? (which is my favorite)


They gave us soup, salad, main course and dessert. Crazy good food! This is a picture of the amazing salad that I devoured- and I don’t like salad. I run away from anything that looks like close to it.


The food guy ate here! I was so impressed and happy we tried this place! (thinking of you Amy!) They also decorated wierdly. Like with a rabbit with ears…um, yeah. Hey, made me smile! It was so good to hear Polish again it actually surprised me. I practiced whatever minimal Polish I knew and was apparently understandable because she started talking to me a million miles a minute and I was like….”uh, tak?” ( “uh, yes?”) then we all laughed.

After that Travis in his all knowing wisdom answered her questions. I have a lot of Polish to learn!


I have more pictures to upload but I’m both tired and cold. Bed time. More pictures to follow in the morning!

Polish word for today

Today’s word is brought to you by laughter tickling and naps. It’s ‘Childhood’!

Childhood in Polish=Dzieciństwo

This is a picture of some friends of ours in Poland. Weronika and her beautiful daughter. I think being a child and sliding with mommy is a wonderful thing, oth for mommy and baby. 🙂 Hope you enjoy this picture Weronika!



Yesterday at church we watched a video that had missionary friends of ours. Watching them was wonderful and surprisingly emotional. I had tears in my eyes and desired to be with them and be missionaries ourselves. I can’t deny the huge pull to Poland and even though there are moments of discouragement and tiredness (and we haven’t left yet!) I have a strong conviction and excitement to move there and follow whatever God has for us there.

I think the hardest and most daunting task is learning language. It for sure seems like a HUGE mountain and that I will never get over. It doesn’t help that the laptop we have died and it had our Rosetta Stone on it. So we are reinstalling it again on our main home computer. Looking forward to that actually-learning Polish. It’s a very hard language so I’d appreciate your prayers. 🙂

Portland Polish Festival


They were amazing. The Poles know how to bake.


Travis and AJ


This is sweet Rylee. She got a HUGE amount of apple cotton candy and loved it.



Isn’t she adorable?!


Polish pottery is famous. Isn’t it beautiful?! You know you want it. I saw a gorgeous tea pot and wanted it badly. Sad day.

It was a beautiful day. More pictures will be coming tomorrow