Weronika the dancer

Weronika was asked to be a dancer in a local village’s celebration and it was so awesome! Loud live music, cultural dancing and good food- not to mention seeing Weronika dancing! She even made 2 skirts for the girls to wear in traditional Polish fabric.

They’re for twirling in and I think the skirts were given to just the right girls- they LOVED twirling! 🙂 





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  1. Aha! You are twirling in Poland! So glad you are having a good visit, including enjoying the bread. (: My grand girls ages two and four love twirling, too. As for resolutions, I just signed up for lap swimming, to add to my list of healthy disciplines, and I am determined to complete more creative projects this year. I look forward to seeing you when you return!

  2. How fun for you to watch your friend in her traditional dance. I’m sure you will learn it as well once you move to Poland. I’ll be looking for your picture with Weronika next time. I love the little girls — they’re less serious, and definitely having more fun! I love you and miss you Emma! Come back to Oma soon!

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