Chocolate Banana Bundt


I have an obsession with collecting bundt pans. LOVE. THEM. I am fully satisfied imagining me 50 years from now with a kitchen with bundt pans hanging on the walls. I’d ask you over for tea/coffee and we’d partake of an amazing bundt cake.

I am also obsessed with reading/writing blogs. And if you’re like me and like both bundt cakes AND blogging CHECK THIS GIRL OUT. Well, I don’t mean in like…. a ooo lala way. But check her blog out. Man, people- grow up. 😉

She’s doing a count down until November 15 which is ‘Officially Bundt Cake Day’. Yes people. That is why I love this country. They make crazy holidays like bundt cake day. So sweet…

So anyways, this chick is literally making a new bundt cakes EVERYDAY until November 15th. Yeah. Crazy. Crazy cool! So since I had it on my ‘to do list’ I decided to make my banana bread a little more sultry and add chocolate chips to the meld. Heck, throw it into a fancy bundt pan and you feel so good about yourself that you won’t clean the rest of the day. Enjoy. Oh and recipe, not going to give it. It’s my mothers and I promised I wouldn’t give it to anyone…but I am partial to bribing.

(Do you see how the top of my cake is kinda patch-worked together? Just a little bit , but apparently I didn’t grease it enough. Does this happen to you? I get so frustrated when it comes out like that. Oh well, at least it tastes great.)


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  1. Awesome! And I’m glad you think I’m crazy, but not totally crazy. 🙂 This Bundt looks great. I use Pam with Flour spray on my Bundt pans and that usually works to get them out of the pan. Looking forward to celebrating National Bundt Day with you! – mary the food librarian

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