National Bundt Cake day!

Happy National Bundt Cake Day! I have been looking forward to this day to try new recipes and, as it turns out, I went totally predictable and went seasonal. Boring. But my taste buds aren’t complaining. If you have 30 seconds PLEASE go check her out. It is because of her that I even know of this holiday. She has been leading up to this day with 30 bundt recipes! Seriously, bundt cakes are her passion and we get to reap the benefits with pictures that make me want to lick the screen. Hmm, not sure that’s a benifit…but anyways she is amazing and dedicated to say the least. And creative, meatloaf bundt anyone? Personally, I just have fun looking at her pictures, she’s the one who makes the cakes at 5:30am. Hah!

I’ll be in LA, which is where she lives, this week for a fundraising conference and would love to meet her if nothing else but to eat her cakes! (No offense Food Librarian, I’m sure you’re very nice hehe)

OK, so enough rambling, just go check out her blog. Here is my bundt cake to celebrate this very special, very sacred holiday.


My Bundt cake is a Pumpkin Spice cake with raisins. Topped with a Vanilla Glaze. I double glazed it. Double the calories. Double the goodness. I also froze the mini’s for a dreary day. Planning ahead. For when I’m feeling lazy wanting to surprise Travis with a dessert.


Chocolate Banana Bundt


I have an obsession with collecting bundt pans. LOVE. THEM. I am fully satisfied imagining me 50 years from now with a kitchen with bundt pans hanging on the walls. I’d ask you over for tea/coffee and we’d partake of an amazing bundt cake.

I am also obsessed with reading/writing blogs. And if you’re like me and like both bundt cakes AND blogging CHECK THIS GIRL OUT. Well, I don’t mean in like…. a ooo lala way. But check her blog out. Man, people- grow up. 😉

She’s doing a count down until November 15 which is ‘Officially Bundt Cake Day’. Yes people. That is why I love this country. They make crazy holidays like bundt cake day. So sweet…

So anyways, this chick is literally making a new bundt cakes EVERYDAY until November 15th. Yeah. Crazy. Crazy cool! So since I had it on my ‘to do list’ I decided to make my banana bread a little more sultry and add chocolate chips to the meld. Heck, throw it into a fancy bundt pan and you feel so good about yourself that you won’t clean the rest of the day. Enjoy. Oh and recipe, not going to give it. It’s my mothers and I promised I wouldn’t give it to anyone…but I am partial to bribing.

(Do you see how the top of my cake is kinda patch-worked together? Just a little bit , but apparently I didn’t grease it enough. Does this happen to you? I get so frustrated when it comes out like that. Oh well, at least it tastes great.)


Nothing special Crepes

Yesterday was a hard day. I was stressed out over a doctors appointment just trying to confirm it and long story short it never happened.Whatever. I’m working at not allowing those moment to give me stress…thus a stress headache. Didn’t work yesterday…had a headache all day long. So much so that last night I went to bed at 8pm and didn’t wake till almost 8am. I can’t believe I slept that long. It was glorious. Too wonderful for words. 12 hours of sleep…*sigh…so good. I guess my body really needed it. But stupid Ibuprofen didn’t work at all…time to choose a different med.

I woke this morning in a good mood, no headache like yesterday, and so I decided to make crepes for breakfast. A sort of celebration. I am deciding today will be a good day.

Emma loves them and since they don’t take too much time to make…I made them. Regular old crepes. No special zest or flavors or anything special. Just milk, flour, eggs and a bit of sugar. Amazing how common normal things make one’s day.

I grew up in a house where we put corn syrup on our crepes. Trav nearly gags when he sees me pull out the bottle from the pantry but ‘to each his own’, right?! He can use his nasty grape jelly (which is the worst jelly ever made). So this morning Emma and I had wonderful plain crepes with corn syrup. Such a great start to the day.

I let Emma help stir, because she’s become obsessed with wanting to help me in the kitchen. Only a little flour fell out. She’s a natural with a whisk in her hand. 🙂

Heck, I even have energy to clean. Which is INCREDIBLE. It does help that today the sun is shinning… Who cares if we have a high chance of hail, wind and rain this afternoon. Maybe I should make a sour cream coffee cake in my new Bundt pan! Oh so excited! (Lamo I know, but hey, humor me) I might even watch Persuasion.