I had a friend over today for lunch. It was so rich and awesome, talking about not just friendship and family, but we also talked about what we were reading in the Bible, what we struggled/didn’t understand with what we read and where we are being challenged by God.

I love these meetings. Feels so real and fulfilling.

I made lunch, being at my house and all it was the least I could do. I made a girly lunch. Oranges and freshly cubed pineapple, with the random tortilla chips (gotta have those!). I took only 2 pictures and so that is what you’re going to get today.

OK, the first is a nice change from the regular grilled cheese. It’s super gooey and garlicky. We had it on bread that reminded me of European bread- which is the best bread in the world. This is made of, obviously yummy wanna-be European bread (which is the most important part), Mozzarella cheese and Artichoke/Chive Cream Cheese. (the kind in the tubs-pre-mixed) That’s it! Yummo.

Grilled Cheese

Did I mention that it’s super gooey?

The other starch on our menu was my Chocolate Banana bread. Family secret. Sorry, can’t give the recipe away, but I wouldn’t mind giving a free loaf to someone! With the chocolate chips inside you don”t want to defile it with butter.

I served it warm. I’m a good friend.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread


in other news:

TRAVIS IS TAKING ME TO THE BALLET TONIGHT! Um, yeah, surprised and super excited. 🙂 I had 3 hours to prep (translation: find babysitter) But, thanks to a great friend all the details are ironed out- hooray! I am so thankful to all the friendships God has placed around me.

I pray you have a FANTASTIC day today as you see/look for all the awesome things God gave you today.

Chocolate Banana Bundt


I have an obsession with collecting bundt pans. LOVE. THEM. I am fully satisfied imagining me 50 years from now with a kitchen with bundt pans hanging on the walls. I’d ask you over for tea/coffee and we’d partake of an amazing bundt cake.

I am also obsessed with reading/writing blogs. And if you’re like me and like both bundt cakes AND blogging CHECK THIS GIRL OUT. Well, I don’t mean in like…. a ooo lala way. But check her blog out. Man, people- grow up. 😉

She’s doing a count down until November 15 which is ‘Officially Bundt Cake Day’. Yes people. That is why I love this country. They make crazy holidays like bundt cake day. So sweet…

So anyways, this chick is literally making a new bundt cakes EVERYDAY until November 15th. Yeah. Crazy. Crazy cool! So since I had it on my ‘to do list’ I decided to make my banana bread a little more sultry and add chocolate chips to the meld. Heck, throw it into a fancy bundt pan and you feel so good about yourself that you won’t clean the rest of the day. Enjoy. Oh and recipe, not going to give it. It’s my mothers and I promised I wouldn’t give it to anyone…but I am partial to bribing.

(Do you see how the top of my cake is kinda patch-worked together? Just a little bit , but apparently I didn’t grease it enough. Does this happen to you? I get so frustrated when it comes out like that. Oh well, at least it tastes great.)


Baking Mania

A friend let me borrow her measuring cups (because we don’t have any yet- moving adventures) and I’ve been wanting to do some fall baking. So I’m taking today and tomorrow to bake my heart out and freeze as much as I can. I’m making 2 loaves of banana bread, tons of cookies, cinnamon rolls and muffins.


Here’s my families banana bread. I did not taint it by putting in nuts. I don’t like nuts in my baked goods- it’s a personal thing.



Next I made the cookies. Well, still in progress, Emma is watching ‘Barney Goes to the Zoo’ while I take pictures and blog. Man he’s annoying…


My mom has a secret recipe that I will never give away. I had to promise her my first child if I gave it away. Now that I think about it she would be just fine getting Emma…too bad mom- she’s mine. 🙂



I’m going to make the muffins tonight and cinnamon rolls Saturday morning. Bye peeps!