The past 3 days

The past 3 days have been crazy. Being in Duvall visiting Trav’s parents, going to a square dance in a barn ( Yes! And it was SO much fun!), biking a meer18 MILES!!!!!, arriving home at 11:30pm (H.o.r.r.i.b.l.e. with a capital H) and having a friend over for dinner last night. All ok, just packed full. So, the pictures migh tbe all a bit pushed together. But here it goes:

The barn dance was crazy fun! There were white Christmas lights everywhere, AMAZING FOOD and even a professional Hall-er (lingo for professional square dance/line dance person). It was the birthday of a past friend of Travis’. She was turning 60 and it was so cool to see her dance with her black cowboy hat and boots! I hope I am that lively when I’m 60. The food was incredible. Shrimp, filled puff pastries, wrapped asparagus, as much fruit as you can eat, cake and of course brie.  Brie people! I picked out as many raspberries as I could and scarfed (and I mean scarfed) on the brie. *sigh, it was so good… This was MY kind of how-down! Anyhoo, it was fun and I got pictures of it.

This was only half one table! Do you see the huge chunks of Brie?!!!

Out of all the food- I stuffed my mouth full of as much brie as I could

Trying to be creative with the camera

I made homemade tortilla chips last night with my beef enchiladas and they were so good! Pictures of course. 😉 I didn’t put salt on them because I’m married to a healthy person. He’s trying to conform me but I like salty food too much.

Flour Tortillas Chips

The chips were great and super duper crazy easy to make. (healthy=no , yummy=yes!) Just cut triangles from corn/flour tortillas. Heat some oil in a sm/med pan and dip them in. Flip when one side is golden brown. I like mine a little too brown for most people, so picture shows that. You can make yours however you want.

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