I lied

OK, I lied. I admit it early on. I told you I wouldn’t take any pictures today, my birthday and I lied. I did take pictures. I was doing a great job of restraining myself, but for some reason my camera was in my purse today and while Trav, Emma and I were at a cafe I thought I’d take a couple adorable photos of Emma (in her pig tails! Yes!) and then that night when a large group of us went to a favorite restaurant (Roadhouse), I also snapped a shot of the dessert I shared with a friend. It was so massive and delish. *sigh, I love hot fudge and WAY worth the $5 price. I also took a photo of their Southwestern Egg Rolls- the main and only reason I chose this place for dinner and dessert. Have a great night and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Daddy and Emma at the cafe

My crazy ADORABLE daughter


Southwestern Egg Rolls- super yummie

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