Jamie’s birthday weekend


My brother and I celebrated Jamie’s birthday by surprising her to a dinner and the Seattle Fashion Show. It was awesome. We look SO alike huh…hehe Yeah, nothing alike.

14078659000.jpgBut we like being silly. Believe it or not that is Eric’s silly pose. I love Jamie’s pose. Jamie: You look cute even cross eyed!

14078681779.jpgBlack and white is good to me and my brother.

Love you Jamie! Happy birthday!!!!



Food Coloring

Belle Birthday Cake

Whoever created and invented food coloring made my weekend. Emma’s cake is nothing but white cake and whipped white icing. But thanks to them, Emma was ecstatic over her Belle Princess cake.

The stand is a beautiful Polish pie dish upside down on top of a candle holder.  Try and not look at Belle’s googly eyes. They’re hypnotic.


The girls loved it and it was amazingly great, especially since it’s just a white cake. The inside was pink. Brilliant pink. Which the little princesses didn’t eat-they focused on the icing. Such good 3 year olds. 🙂

Belle Princess CakeI’m sure this whole post has gotten a certain someone annoyed all these pictures are portrait. Didn’t mean to but I certainly recognized a pattern in how I take pictures.

emma’s 2nd birthday!

OK, I have a bit while Emma sleeps to post in pictures how my last week went. It was Emma’s 2nd Birthday and it was fun! I was also in the Easter program. I think the link for that is HERE. While my mom was here we did some fun things and hung around the house too. We tackled some overwhelming projects like cleaning out Emma’s AND my closet AND she started to organize our garage! It was a huge help.

Well, I hope you like the pictures!

This mommy and baby bunny was from Grandpa and Granma Gigi. She loved it and snuggled with it all day. 🙂

****************BIRTHDAY PARTY TIME!!!*********************************************************

The cake was an ice cream cake (cookie dough) with cake inside too! It was wonderful! It also helped that it was completely ADORABLE!

She got a little tired blowing out the candles. Mommy helped 🙂

This is super cool! It’s disney princess Belle and when she gets wet she changes color! Pretty cool!

My little Emma getting tired from all the excitement and people at her house.

end with emma and her man. 😉


Tomorrow, March 3rd, is Travis’ birthday. Sometimes he can remember how old he is, and sometimes not. 🙂 I like to joke with him and make him roll his eyes. It’s a game I play. Anyways, I want to tell all of you out there that he’s a wonderful person who deserves a big bash. Unfortunately, things have been crazy busy here and I haven’t been able to plan my usual big parties for him. And babe, I’m sorry. I’m sure you would have liked everyone to focus the entire time on you and make you feel uncomfortable loved.

I am making him his favorite cake tomorrow and you can count on me taking pictures of it. (big and beautiful it will be, oh yeah!)


I love you more each day because I get to see the myriad of different aspects of your character, love and trust. You amaze me with your walk with God and I am so happy that we are together. Happy Birthday babe! 🙂


I lied

OK, I lied. I admit it early on. I told you I wouldn’t take any pictures today, my birthday and I lied. I did take pictures. I was doing a great job of restraining myself, but for some reason my camera was in my purse today and while Trav, Emma and I were at a cafe I thought I’d take a couple adorable photos of Emma (in her pig tails! Yes!) and then that night when a large group of us went to a favorite restaurant (Roadhouse), I also snapped a shot of the dessert I shared with a friend. It was so massive and delish. *sigh, I love hot fudge and WAY worth the $5 price. I also took a photo of their Southwestern Egg Rolls- the main and only reason I chose this place for dinner and dessert. Have a great night and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Daddy and Emma at the cafe

My crazy ADORABLE daughter


Southwestern Egg Rolls- super yummie