Announcing the opening of my Etsy store: The Copper Acorn!!!!!

I am happy to announce the opening of my shop! 

The Copper Acorn!

This has been a long time in the making and I am so happy it is finally here! You know that feeling of being excited and really scared all at once?! That pretty much sums up how I feel today. Please go and take a look around! All of the money will go towards our deployment to Poland.  

I am also in the process of opening a children’s scarf line as well as getting some pottery ready to go. Probably be up in the next month. 


DIY: Jewelry Box


This is a way overdue post. I took these pictures last February. Yeah, that late…

This isn’t an incredibly clever post. But one that I sorta fell into, walking into a craft store. (haha get it?!)

**rolling of the eyes**

Anyhoo, I saw this organizer thing for 50% off and at about $10 I snatched it up and hugged it close to my chest knowing someone would try to take it away from me. 🙂


It is made of two layers. I painted the whole thing white. (to make the colors of my jewelry stand out to me)


And had no intention of making it ‘shabby chic’ but the brush I was using couldn’t get to the corners so I worked with it. I accepted it’s ‘shabby-ness’ and for now I like it.

(*but could totally imagine it in candy red! Or teal! hehe!)


If you know me, you know I had to add some sparkle. 🙂

It will probably change in the future, but it holds all my jewelry. Happy day indeed! 

Happy new year everyone!

‘Bittersweet Bling’ Giveaway!!

I am hosting a giveaway once a month. It will feature friends of mine who are trying their best to start and maintain a small business with their creativity. Which is tough stuff! This month, I am happy to tell you about……

‘Bittersweet Bling’


I have a friend who is the jewelry artist and brains behind ‘Bittersweet Bling’.

And lucky for you, she’s given me an earring and necklace set to give away!


Can you say Christmas presents?!! For you, a sister, Mom, friend…

She specializes in the worn vintage look. Feminine and girly, but still wearable for jeans or a dress. And I am somewhat of a cheap-skate and hate spending tons of $ on jewelry. Annoying. But all of her pieces are reasonably priced. 

And if you go over to her shop and enter the code, ‘PEARLS’, you will get a 40% off one regular priced item!!!

She is also doing another deal where you can chose one pair of earrings and a necklace for $15!! Get on this people. Seriously. I’ve already made my order and can’t wait for my little pink package. 🙂



Here’s how it lays.


All you have to do is comment here on my blog!! (does not count if you comment on Facebook) And I am happy to ship it to anywhere in the world, so to all my friends who live abroad-go for it!!

Contest ends Thursday night at 8pm so get your comments in! Winner will be chosen by, only one comment per person, thanks. 🙂

Bring on the hats, sweet tea and jewelry. This spring will be sweet!

My mood has been reflecting the weather outside the past few days. It’s sunny and cheerful.  (Thanks God)

*brace yourself*

I have even felt the energy and motivation to clean the entire house, do ALL the laundry AND swap the clothes in the closet from winter to spring. Hallelujah.

The creative bug has also bit me and yesterday I made many necklaces and a handful of earrings. Including these two beauties.


Book club is this Friday and we are bringing hats to wear, like the royal wedding. The only catch (and beautiful challenge) is that we have to make them. Yes! What fun! Here is the starting product I bought at Goodwill today.


Red is not what I expected to buy but it has potential. 🙂


Oma: At home Emma saw a Starbucks stopper laying on the ground and she yelled, “Oh no! Oma forgot one!” 🙂 I think it’s great she associates you with Starbucks paraphernalia.

Even though I am not a chocolate lover, or even ‘liker’ doesn’t mean I am not a sugar-aholic. I had a sweet tea and lemon square together. Oh my goodness. I don’t want to imagine or calculate how many grams of sugar I consumed in that 10 min span…but it was SO GOOD! Try it, I’m sure you will love it. 🙂

(McDonald’s had the sweet tea and Starbucks had the lemon square. – so all you friends in Poland can share in my heaven today too!)

pretty and practical

I used to do martial arts and a lot of that included stretching. Lots of memories and stories there, but for now lets stick to this one: my resolution to be more limber. You see, I have noticed how tight I’ve become just in picking up Emma and how sore my back is. I then decided to do yoga stretches I’ve memorized from doing them a while back. But when could I do it? When Emma was asleep, I did a lot of cleaning and admin things. And then Emma wakes and any window is gone.

So I decided to do it when she took her bath. I also moved it to after her nap time.

(please ignore the horrible lighting)


It worked great. She was in her world and I was in mine, but also ready if she is in trouble. She now is OK with me stretching. She used to freak out saying, ‘no mommy! no!’ with fear in her eyes. Now she thinks I’m weird for doing it in the bathroom. I’m pretty sure I am, but at least I get to keep my resolution AND do my mommy duties.

This last one I think everyone has heard of. But I just didn’t do it till last night. (froze chicken stock already seasoned) Trav asked me what the heck I was doing and I smiled and said I felt so smart it hurt. I’m humble.



This is just a pretty picture of a necklace I got (via gift card-thanks Eric!) from Claires. LOVE IT!


FYI, they have tons of awesome things there! It’s not just for tweens. 🙂

Jewelry Giveaway

Jewelry. I just have too much. I have tons. Tons people. I sell it as much as I can but I keep getting/making more. So…I’m giving away lots this week. Keep coming back to comment. The winner will be chosen randomly. The good thing for you? I’ll be giving away more than one piece a day. Hopefully. If I have time. Today I’m giving away 2 items. A bracelet and earrings.

I don’t know what the thing with me is, but I believe strongly in stretchy bracelets. I used to think that they were cheaply made and kid-ish. That was until I started buying/making clasp bracelets and decided clasps are stupid. They are hard to do one handedly, and always rests on the top of your wrist keeping the pretty beads/crystals out of view. Stupid. Enough ranting! Let’s focus


So I made tons of stretchy bracelets that went with most of my clothes. So why a, I getting rid of some? If I haven’t worn it in forever meaning in the past 4-5 months it’s a potential for you. And um, need I say theses would be awesome FREE Christmas presents too!


Secondly, here is a nice pair of light green glass earrings. They are super tough so if they fall (because I drop everything including these beauties) they won’t break. They are adorable on and very light.


The winner will be chosen tomorrow morning. Just leave me a comment to enter the drawing!

Long Earlobes? Hope not!

I have a phobia about having huge dangly earlobes when I’m older. Shallow? Yes. Do I think about it? Yes. And do I make earrings to try my best to not let it happen? Yes.I made these earrings today and they are super light and even though I feel them swinging I know that my earlobes are safe. (hehe) Enjoy! And I’m thinking of doing abother giveaway soon with jewelry…still thinking about it.


Those purple ones are special to me cause I was wearing them as Emma was born. 🙂 I added a new hook to them but I hope to not loose them but later give them to Emma. Is that weird?

Here is my favorite one I made from today:


Simple Elegant Emeralds

No, this giveaway does not involve REAL emeralds- some day when I’m rich, promise. But util then you will have to be ok with emerald colored crystals. While I was in Europe last year, Krakow, Poland, I noticed many women wearing earrings that were long, simple and also feminine. I like sparkly things too, so I combined both. I also like things that swoosh.



I know they could be more complex and intricate but my life is complex enough. Don’t know about you, but a pair of simple earrings is not only easy to wear with more things, but it somehow offsets the ‘complex’ areas of my life. Rereading that, how weird that sounds! But I guess it’s true. Anyhoo, I am giving theses to one of you. All you have to do is comment on this blog. Easy Shmeezy.




Rules: Just comment on this blog. Winner will be chosen by You have until tomorrow to comment and tell your friends. Or if you don’t want them winning don’t tell them.

Compleeeeetly different subject- I found this blog and like it. Check it out.

My Weekend Give Away!

It’s been FOREVER since my last give away and I thought something summery would do the trick. I didn’t want to spend any money because I’m a cheap skate. So after looking through different things in my creative part of the house, and figuring out that I might have to mail it I decided on jewelry. What a shock.

But enough with the griping. Who wants to win this hot summery set?! The earrings are made with fresh water pearls and the red stones…I think are a type of onyx. But don’t quote me on that. Aren’t they pretty? I made the bracelet stretchy so you don’t have to worry about clasps, I’m into stretchy bracelets right now. It’s all about if your daughter gets a hold of it will she brake it or just stretch it. Stretch it please, oh stretch it. Remember to click on it for a bigger prettier picture.

Rules: simple just comment ON MY BLOG. You don’t have to have a blog to comment. Just comment, and on Sunday night (when we will be getting back from the beach- whoop whoop!) I will go to and it will chose it for me. Only one comment per person. 😉 Thought you’d be sneaky on me huh…

None None

Earrings and Emma

I am uploading some new pictures onto my webpage and thought I would also share them here. I like going to people’s blogs and just look at pretty things sometimes. Not very deep or life changing, but nice and makes me smile. (isn’t that better than medicine anyways?!)

It’s so easy for me to compare my pieces to others…and that always makes me feel discouraged. I just realized though, I like classy simple pieces. Sure, I’ll make a funky item once in a while, but people (including myself) wear pieces/sets that go with many outfits. Simple lines and classic looks…never run out of style. I think that my jewelry fits that. So, I am now a little more comfortable in my own skin as an artist. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. 😉

Pink Sharpness

Whimsicaly Blue

Baltic Beauties

Classy Coral

So Emma went to th doctor yesterday and she is up to the 5%! (better than the 2% a couple weeks ago) that means that out of 100 children her age she would be the 5th from the shortest. I am happy to see her gain weight and grow. I am also having a fun time with some new clothes I bought for her. Here is a picture taken Thursday in front of our church. Can you say adorable?!

Emma in her cute out fit