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I used to do martial arts and a lot of that included stretching. Lots of memories and stories there, but for now lets stick to this one: my resolution to be more limber. You see, I have noticed how tight I’ve become just in picking up Emma and how sore my back is. I then decided to do yoga stretches I’ve memorized from doing them a while back. But when could I do it? When Emma was asleep, I did a lot of cleaning and admin things. And then Emma wakes and any window is gone.

So I decided to do it when she took her bath. I also moved it to after her nap time.

(please ignore the horrible lighting)


It worked great. She was in her world and I was in mine, but also ready if she is in trouble. She now is OK with me stretching. She used to freak out saying, ‘no mommy! no!’ with fear in her eyes. Now she thinks I’m weird for doing it in the bathroom. I’m pretty sure I am, but at least I get to keep my resolution AND do my mommy duties.

This last one I think everyone has heard of. But I just didn’t do it till last night. (froze chicken stock already seasoned) Trav asked me what the heck I was doing and I smiled and said I felt so smart it hurt. I’m humble.



This is just a pretty picture of a necklace I got (via gift card-thanks Eric!) from Claires. LOVE IT!


FYI, they have tons of awesome things there! It’s not just for tweens. 🙂

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  1. Last night I was doing something and Billy was trying to talk me into doing yoga. He loves poses like downward facing dog so he can crawl underneath me like I’m a bridge. LOL! Whatever it takes to get it done, right?

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