Yes, another GIVEAWAY!!!! And this one is for the momm’y, aunt, friend, grandmother…whoever….has a little princess in their lives and would like to give her a little bling. I am giving away a crystal necklace and bracelet set. It should fit all children. (fits around MY head)

*it’s made with lightweight plastic beads (choke hazard for the tiny tots- this is for mature princesses only) and is stretchy. All you have to do is comment- it’s that simple. A winner will be chosen through an online random number generator ( next Tuesday. I’ll announce the winner Wednesday or Thursday.

This would be perfect for birthday’s or even Christmas…but I bet you already thought of that huh. Well, never mind. Good luck!!!

Pretty Crystal Bracelet

Princess Necklace

Your little package of frosting

In my Fall closet

These pieces are hanging or sitting in my closet. I am totally ready for Fall and can’t wait to wear more jackets and hats. I’ve been really into wearing my jean skirt with light colored tights and then my black wedges. We’ll see how long this lasts though. Fads go in and out. Right now? I’m typing this wearing jeans and a fleece pull over. Nothing fancy. I did however, just come back from my first MOPS group. It was nice and comfortable. We had tons of girly food, a craft (which I rocked on) and a couple speakers. It was nice. I think totally worth the $35 for a year. We are also going on outings to pumpkin patches, coffee get together’s, making meals for families with new babies and no one to help them, etc.
~oh, back to fashion. You know when you walk through a mall and you see pieces that you love but would have nowhere to wear them? Here are a few of mine:
Wish List
Wish List by aemielonen featuring Marni
Aren’t they beautiful?! As you can see, I like the bling. The ring, I suppose is do-able…but I wouldn’t wear it to the next MOPS meeting though. 🙂 Even though I have this picture of the things I wish I had an excuse to wear, I am very happy and satisfied with my Zabra printed bag. I can fit everything into it! And when I’m wearing nothing special, my purse and a little lip gloss makes the whole outfit look put together. Now, I just need to go to a place like…Goodwill and look at their rings, maybe I can find something there I like. If not, I could always go to Target. *sigh, but they make their jewelry so…lets just say I fix a lot of Target jewelry for people. They fall apart, tear, become unglued or a link comes out. We’ll see. I’m in no hurry to buy anything. But Christmas is just around the corner…

Shameless Promoting: The Copper Acorn

Shameless promoting, that is what this post is about. I have a website that you can go here and see, that sells jewelry. The Copper Acorn. I know everyone and their grandmother practically makes jewelry, but I thought advertising like this couldn’t hurt. There are some fun eclectic pieces as well as some heavy pricey stone items too. Here are some that I like a lot. I will be sad to see them go. Oh, and if you go to the site, check out their bios. Yes, I made a bio for each of the items as if they were selling themselves. It’s pretty cute. Enjoy!

You want me, you know you do

Cosmo Girl

Pink Blossoms

Italian Gelato

Ariel's Necklace

Cinderella's Necklace

Croatian Love