Home Tour: Living Room


This is the main hub of our home. Snuggling, reading books, movies, late night hot coco’s and hanging with friends. It’s our family room in our living room.


Above, TEAM stands for our names, Emma’s art work that switches out often and our family picture.

Below are handprints I embroidered. Travis, blue. Me, Pink. Emma, Yellow.





I’m slowly killing this palm. It was full and beautiful, but not now.


And that’s it. Our comfy living room. A place we love sharing with friends and family.


Home Tour: Hallway


Is it weird to show off your hallway? Hmmm, well this is what this post is about.

The hallway leading to our bedroom.


I LOVE that the bicycle is a two seater. The wood is drift wood we picked up on the beach from our 4th wedding anniversary to Friday Harbor in Washington.


I really love framing Emma’s art but especially when I see her drag any visitor to her pictures and proudly tell them she painted them. So, I’ll do it forever. 🙂


Tour a Polish flat

 A lot of you have asked us how the Polish decorate and if it looks different or similar. Since we’re staying with some friends I thought I’d take advantage of their cute style and show you! So with their permission, here is a small tour of their house!

House Tour: Witamy u Trochimiuków!

Pokój Dzienny (living room):


It took me about 5 seconds after reading this to realize it’s in English! lol 






Wonderful, beautiful IKEA.

Korytarz (Hallway):









Their daughters’ room requires a whole other post. 🙂 Be looking forward to it. 

Home tour: Kitchen

***our kitchen has changed a bit and I’ll upload newer picts as soon as I can, thanks!***


It’s been like, forever, since I showed you guys a room. (it’s cause we don’t have that many rooms lol)



(above) Here is one small part to our counters. Did you grow up being allowed to sit on your counters? We did, and I have the BEST memories of our family laughing and having the best ‘family time’ on counters.


TEAM= Travis, Emma, Alexis, Mielonen



LOVE this paper umbrella. It was a gift at a friends wedding.


‘Love you guys’ in Polish…or something like that. Our friends did this before they left and we probably won’t ever change it…

This last picture is just to end with something green 🙂 My basil babies.


Home tour: Our Balcony

***Disclaimer: Pictures may be misleading- took them on one of our few sunny/warm days. It is not normally this sunny)***

Our balcony, I know it’s not a room or anything but I’m trying to act like it’s an extension of our house….until it starts raining. 

Here is our balcony: 


It stretches the entire length of our place. Two doors lead out onto it. We pretty much love it. A lot. 🙂 Th palm above will take refuge in our bedroom when it gets cold/rainy.


When we toured this place I immediately imagined the herb garden I could have and a perfect outdoor sitting area…but lets be realistic. I live in the Pacific Northwest. It would be ridiculous to invest in outdoor furniture in the beginning of September in Portland. Really dumb.

However, I did invest in a little herb garden which we’re enjoying!



I have beautiful, tasty plans for my Ms. Rosemary. They involve a pizza crust.


For my birthday I got those pretty flowers below. I LOVE them but the weather was scorching them so I’ve had to shade them since taking this picture. 

I got the glass grape vine from a friend when they moved. I will always have them…or give them back to her when I visit her. Either way they will be cherished by their owner.


The candle above is a favorite which reminds me, I have candles all around the balcony in mason jars for the evening…feels like a vacation spot when they’re all lit.


Above: Russian Sage. We can’t have lavender (*tear*) because Travis is allergic to bees….and lavender always attracts bees. This beautiful purple plant is a good compromise though.


Emma’s area at the end. Can you tell? lol No plants just tons of sidewalk chalk and bubbles. She also has some fake food and a shopping cart. 


Our rain boots and one of my favorite plants. It loves the rain (hallelujah) and has straight and curly strands. Love the quirky-ness of it. 


If you can’t buy furniture for outside- improvise! 

Well, that sums up our balcony. I think I’m going to go out there and enjoy a snack while there’s a breeze.


Home Tour: Master Bedroom

OK, here is our bedroom. There are always things we are planning on changing but who knows when that will happen.



We got the hand drawn picture on our honeymoon. It’s uncanny of how exact it is of Travis. Me- not so much. The books are all ones I’ve read and are my favorites. The pink frame will be spray painted silver.


This Narnia series is the one I grew up hearing my mom and dad read to me. I’m kinda really sentimental. We moved a lot growing up and I’m amazed it survived. I am so happy I have them and have already started the tradition of when Emma gets sick, we snuggle and I read to her from them. Special.

Next is a special beautifully bright picture I found at Goodwill. Love it and plans on spray painting frame are in the near future.



Above: The polka dot and white one were given to me by two close friends for my birthday. I have a scarf obsession. No plan of quitting.

Below: Travis’ side. His beloved orchid plant surviving alongside his books. I know you can mainly see me in the picture frame but it’s pretty much on of his most treasured possessions. It’s a picture of his dad and him when he was obviously a babe. Pretty special.


Next is my special quilt my mom made me as a child. I absolutely it,  along with our comforter. 

And the guitar was Travis’ dad’s. Very special.


That’s it! 🙂


Home Tour: Emma’s room

***we are in the middle of changing her room, new pictures to come!***

Here is another piece of our house-Emma’s room. It was the first room I put together moving here, in fact I was maybe more excited about her having her own room than she was! lol


And just to pre-warn you, I took a whole lot of pictures. So get your coffee cup and get in a comfy spot. 🙂


Emma needed her scarf on. Who care that it is hot (90′) – fashion comes first. hehe

And also ignore my tea cup on her pink table. Totally forgot I left it there. Oh well.


This is where we sit and do her pre-school work. She knows the letters of her name and the sign language letters E-M-M-A. Pretty proud of her. Her solar system is going to hang just to the right of this. It’s going to look pretty cool 🙂 I’m super excited!

Above the chalkboard is her ‘Memory shelf’. Basically, things she is not allowed to play with so she can have it when she’s older.


The princess lunch box goes with us to the Zoo. But the cowboy hat was Travis’ when he was a boy, the picture frame she painted and decorated holds a picture of Aunt J and her fluffy teddy bear is from her great Oma and Opa. And her hand/footprint I did when she was teeny. *sigh…now her shoe size is a size 7! Growing girl…


Next is her dresser. Pretty basic, but the lower drawers are toys, puzzles and other odds and ends she likes to play with.



The horse was made just for Emma! You can see her initials on this leg on the back. 🙂 And sometimes Emma likes to nap in the inflatable tent thing. 🙂


Her bed. And a most favorite item: her quilt/blanket made by my Granmom.


Her dress up area:


And her treasures in her treasure chest….which I want to make cooler. Fall/Winter project I think.


Princess dresses, wands, jewelry, tutu’s and pretend hair kits. Everything a little girl could want. 🙂

Lastly is her favorite area. Her Book hideout.



This is where she naps everyday. She LOVES it in here. She sometimes shuts herself in and plays with her flashlight. And we like to snuggle in the pillows and read books together. I like to show off her artwork so she can feel proud of what she accomplishes. Plus the art on the fridge.

Right now she is playing on our balcony with water. I absolutely LOVE hearing her play by herself!

So there you have it- Emma’s room. 🙂

Home Tour: Entry Way

Home tour number two. Our Entry Way. It is very wide and open and we really like it. So without further stalling: Here is our entry way.


The crosses are a collection we’re slowly working on. The shoe organizer is from where else: IKEA.

I would love to hide the electric panel. Any ideas for how we could do that?


Travis likes clocks. And when we moved in here Trav was instantly talking about a place to put a clock. It made me smile.


I made the ‘M’s and the fake plant and pot is of course IKEA. Have I mentioned we love that store?


This was a gift from a friend in Arizona. It is made out of a cactus. It is so light- it’s a favorite of mine.


Again, my ‘M’s. *sigh, I really like them. Travis isn’t so fond of the pink but hey, technically he IS out numbered 2 to 1.

And lastly our poster which we got at church some years ago. And yes, it will be going to Krakow with us. 🙂


Home tour: Dining room

This is my first home tour. And I’m a little nervous, hope I didn’t take too many pictures….but I guess that’s a good problem. Better too many pictures than not enough.

The main point of the house tour is for you, family and friends who don’t live by us to have an idea of our place. Room by room 🙂

So, without further stalling: Here is our Dining Room.


After taking these I noticed my coffee press and wished I had taken it out. Oh well. Can you see how much we love IKEA? 🙂 The black thing, shelves, my aloe plant and pot, the white table and chairs/cushion: ALL IKEA.

The maps are special to us. The top and largest one is a map of Krakow, Poland. Our final destination. The left lower map is of the world and the right is of Croatia. Where we honeymooned and dream of spending anniversaries. *aawww.

The pictures on the shelf are ones we picked up in Paris a couple years ago. And the nick nacks from other travels we’ve taken and want to remember.


This is our Polish Pottery. We are so happy to be able to display it. (and use it too) The beautiful boxes are carved and  painted in the town Travis lived in. Zakopane, Poland. I love our globe. It can glow. Reminds me of While You Were Sleeping. 🙂

The picture is from Paris. Such a great trip full of awesome memories.


Wooden bowl: $1 at garage sale

*thanks Weronika! Great memories searching through many garage sales.

My dad gave me the red glass bowl years ago. It’s a decorative piece that fits perfect in the bowl and I think it’ll look great in the winter time when the colors outside have faded.


This is what’s on my windowsill. The acorn is a favorite of  mine that my mom gave me. (*thanks mom!) and of course plastic plant and pot from IKEA.

Now on to the next wall: the map wall. Which I love.


We store our movies and wine/glasses at an easily accessible place. Sounds weird, cause we don’t really drink red wine. It’s more for looks. I use the wine glasses for my orange and grape juice. 🙂


Love this picture. We wanted picts of us around our home. It’s important to us- yet most of them are this size…that needs to change soon. The cup is also a favorite of mine. I just like to look at it. Using it whenever.

the aloe plant is one of the only real plants in my home. Real plants are becoming more familiar at our home. But small ones…and a large palm in our bedroom.


If you look closely at the map you’ll see PULA on the left hand side of the peninsula. That’s where we honeymooned. Loved it. Will be back. The mugs however are from the Saturday market in downtown Portland. They will be traveling with us wherever we go in the future. The tall red one also is used for holding flowers.


This is a wall that you’ll see as you’re walking to the dining room. All of these are special for many reasons. One’s I’m not sure you’ll be interested in reading. But it changes as the season and holidays do.


That’s it. Wanna come over and have coffee/tea with me?  🙂