Home Tour: Master Bedroom

OK, here is our bedroom. There are always things we are planning on changing but who knows when that will happen.



We got the hand drawn picture on our honeymoon. It’s uncanny of how exact it is of Travis. Me- not so much. The books are all ones I’ve read and are my favorites. The pink frame will be spray painted silver.


This Narnia series is the one I grew up hearing my mom and dad read to me. I’m kinda really sentimental. We moved a lot growing up and I’m amazed it survived. I am so happy I have them and have already started the tradition of when Emma gets sick, we snuggle and I read to her from them. Special.

Next is a special beautifully bright picture I found at Goodwill. Love it and plans on spray painting frame are in the near future.



Above: The polka dot and white one were given to me by two close friends for my birthday. I have a scarf obsession. No plan of quitting.

Below: Travis’ side. His beloved orchid plant surviving alongside his books. I know you can mainly see me in the picture frame but it’s pretty much on of his most treasured possessions. It’s a picture of his dad and him when he was obviously a babe. Pretty special.


Next is my special quilt my mom made me as a child. I absolutely it,  along with our comforter. 

And the guitar was Travis’ dad’s. Very special.


That’s it! 🙂


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  1. I think your room is just your style! You are great at infusing your personality into how your live in your space.

  2. Looks very cozy!!!

  3. I love your creativity…color…character! Thanks for sharing!

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