Home Tour: Master Bedroom

OK, here is our bedroom. There are always things we are planning on changing but who knows when that will happen.



We got the hand drawn picture on our honeymoon. It’s uncanny of how exact it is of Travis. Me- not so much. The books are all ones I’ve read and are my favorites. The pink frame will be spray painted silver.


This Narnia series is the one I grew up hearing my mom and dad read to me. I’m kinda really sentimental. We moved a lot growing up and I’m amazed it survived. I am so happy I have them and have already started the tradition of when Emma gets sick, we snuggle and I read to her from them. Special.

Next is a special beautifully bright picture I found at Goodwill. Love it and plans on spray painting frame are in the near future.



Above: The polka dot and white one were given to me by two close friends for my birthday. I have a scarf obsession. No plan of quitting.

Below: Travis’ side. His beloved orchid plant surviving alongside his books. I know you can mainly see me in the picture frame but it’s pretty much on of his most treasured possessions. It’s a picture of his dad and him when he was obviously a babe. Pretty special.


Next is my special quilt my mom made me as a child. I absolutely it,  along with our comforter. 

And the guitar was Travis’ dad’s. Very special.


That’s it! 🙂


Home Tour: Emma’s room

***we are in the middle of changing her room, new pictures to come!***

Here is another piece of our house-Emma’s room. It was the first room I put together moving here, in fact I was maybe more excited about her having her own room than she was! lol


And just to pre-warn you, I took a whole lot of pictures. So get your coffee cup and get in a comfy spot. 🙂


Emma needed her scarf on. Who care that it is hot (90′) – fashion comes first. hehe

And also ignore my tea cup on her pink table. Totally forgot I left it there. Oh well.


This is where we sit and do her pre-school work. She knows the letters of her name and the sign language letters E-M-M-A. Pretty proud of her. Her solar system is going to hang just to the right of this. It’s going to look pretty cool 🙂 I’m super excited!

Above the chalkboard is her ‘Memory shelf’. Basically, things she is not allowed to play with so she can have it when she’s older.


The princess lunch box goes with us to the Zoo. But the cowboy hat was Travis’ when he was a boy, the picture frame she painted and decorated holds a picture of Aunt J and her fluffy teddy bear is from her great Oma and Opa. And her hand/footprint I did when she was teeny. *sigh…now her shoe size is a size 7! Growing girl…


Next is her dresser. Pretty basic, but the lower drawers are toys, puzzles and other odds and ends she likes to play with.



The horse was made just for Emma! You can see her initials on this leg on the back. 🙂 And sometimes Emma likes to nap in the inflatable tent thing. 🙂


Her bed. And a most favorite item: her quilt/blanket made by my Granmom.


Her dress up area:


And her treasures in her treasure chest….which I want to make cooler. Fall/Winter project I think.


Princess dresses, wands, jewelry, tutu’s and pretend hair kits. Everything a little girl could want. 🙂

Lastly is her favorite area. Her Book hideout.



This is where she naps everyday. She LOVES it in here. She sometimes shuts herself in and plays with her flashlight. And we like to snuggle in the pillows and read books together. I like to show off her artwork so she can feel proud of what she accomplishes. Plus the art on the fridge.

Right now she is playing on our balcony with water. I absolutely LOVE hearing her play by herself!

So there you have it- Emma’s room. 🙂