Home tour: Kitchen

***our kitchen has changed a bit and I’ll upload newer picts as soon as I can, thanks!***


It’s been like, forever, since I showed you guys a room. (it’s cause we don’t have that many rooms lol)



(above) Here is one small part to our counters. Did you grow up being allowed to sit on your counters? We did, and I have the BEST memories of our family laughing and having the best ‘family time’ on counters.


TEAM= Travis, Emma, Alexis, Mielonen



LOVE this paper umbrella. It was a gift at a friends wedding.


‘Love you guys’ in Polish…or something like that. Our friends did this before they left and we probably won’t ever change it…

This last picture is just to end with something green 🙂 My basil babies.


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  1. Love how your guys’ initials spell TEAM. Way cool!

  2. I love the TEAM. so cool. Love the umbrella too. so cute. Little counter space is hard. I understand. that one.

    sam’s name also is neat. Samuel Allan Mateo Smallwood. 2 middle names a little much. hu.
    I didn’t plan it but noticed it after we wrote it all out. 🙂

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