Home tour: Our Balcony

***Disclaimer: Pictures may be misleading- took them on one of our few sunny/warm days. It is not normally this sunny)***

Our balcony, I know it’s not a room or anything but I’m trying to act like it’s an extension of our house….until it starts raining. 

Here is our balcony: 


It stretches the entire length of our place. Two doors lead out onto it. We pretty much love it. A lot. 🙂 Th palm above will take refuge in our bedroom when it gets cold/rainy.


When we toured this place I immediately imagined the herb garden I could have and a perfect outdoor sitting area…but lets be realistic. I live in the Pacific Northwest. It would be ridiculous to invest in outdoor furniture in the beginning of September in Portland. Really dumb.

However, I did invest in a little herb garden which we’re enjoying!



I have beautiful, tasty plans for my Ms. Rosemary. They involve a pizza crust.


For my birthday I got those pretty flowers below. I LOVE them but the weather was scorching them so I’ve had to shade them since taking this picture. 

I got the glass grape vine from a friend when they moved. I will always have them…or give them back to her when I visit her. Either way they will be cherished by their owner.


The candle above is a favorite which reminds me, I have candles all around the balcony in mason jars for the evening…feels like a vacation spot when they’re all lit.


Above: Russian Sage. We can’t have lavender (*tear*) because Travis is allergic to bees….and lavender always attracts bees. This beautiful purple plant is a good compromise though.


Emma’s area at the end. Can you tell? lol No plants just tons of sidewalk chalk and bubbles. She also has some fake food and a shopping cart. 


Our rain boots and one of my favorite plants. It loves the rain (hallelujah) and has straight and curly strands. Love the quirky-ness of it. 


If you can’t buy furniture for outside- improvise! 

Well, that sums up our balcony. I think I’m going to go out there and enjoy a snack while there’s a breeze.


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  1. You truly do an amazing job with your photos!!!

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