Home tour: Dining room

This is my first home tour. And I’m a little nervous, hope I didn’t take too many pictures….but I guess that’s a good problem. Better too many pictures than not enough.

The main point of the house tour is for you, family and friends who don’t live by us to have an idea of our place. Room by room 🙂

So, without further stalling: Here is our Dining Room.


After taking these I noticed my coffee press and wished I had taken it out. Oh well. Can you see how much we love IKEA? 🙂 The black thing, shelves, my aloe plant and pot, the white table and chairs/cushion: ALL IKEA.

The maps are special to us. The top and largest one is a map of Krakow, Poland. Our final destination. The left lower map is of the world and the right is of Croatia. Where we honeymooned and dream of spending anniversaries. *aawww.

The pictures on the shelf are ones we picked up in Paris a couple years ago. And the nick nacks from other travels we’ve taken and want to remember.


This is our Polish Pottery. We are so happy to be able to display it. (and use it too) The beautiful boxes are carved and  painted in the town Travis lived in. Zakopane, Poland. I love our globe. It can glow. Reminds me of While You Were Sleeping. 🙂

The picture is from Paris. Such a great trip full of awesome memories.


Wooden bowl: $1 at garage sale

*thanks Weronika! Great memories searching through many garage sales.

My dad gave me the red glass bowl years ago. It’s a decorative piece that fits perfect in the bowl and I think it’ll look great in the winter time when the colors outside have faded.


This is what’s on my windowsill. The acorn is a favorite of  mine that my mom gave me. (*thanks mom!) and of course plastic plant and pot from IKEA.

Now on to the next wall: the map wall. Which I love.


We store our movies and wine/glasses at an easily accessible place. Sounds weird, cause we don’t really drink red wine. It’s more for looks. I use the wine glasses for my orange and grape juice. 🙂


Love this picture. We wanted picts of us around our home. It’s important to us- yet most of them are this size…that needs to change soon. The cup is also a favorite of mine. I just like to look at it. Using it whenever.

the aloe plant is one of the only real plants in my home. Real plants are becoming more familiar at our home. But small ones…and a large palm in our bedroom.


If you look closely at the map you’ll see PULA on the left hand side of the peninsula. That’s where we honeymooned. Loved it. Will be back. The mugs however are from the Saturday market in downtown Portland. They will be traveling with us wherever we go in the future. The tall red one also is used for holding flowers.


This is a wall that you’ll see as you’re walking to the dining room. All of these are special for many reasons. One’s I’m not sure you’ll be interested in reading. But it changes as the season and holidays do.


That’s it. Wanna come over and have coffee/tea with me?  🙂

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  1. That’s great!!! Love your house. Are you guys still in Gresham then? Love all the maps and pottery!

  2. I love how vibrant all the colors are in these pictures!! You do such a great job of taking pics and all the different fun angles!

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