Overnight Guest Basket

Travis and I *LOVE* having guests stay the night. We both love hosting and spoiling whoever enters our home. I saw something like this on Pinterest and had to recreate it.


Here is our overnight guest basket! I didn’t buy anything but gathered whatever I had in our home already.

I have fun ideas to add Northwest chocolates if it’s someone from out of the area. I also have dreams of adding a Portland/MAX map for ‘out of towners’ as well as a bottle of water, water flavors and snacks (homemade trail mix).

When I think about how I could spoil them I ask myself what I would want when I stay at others homes. And usually it’s something local. Whatever the city has to offer that’s unique to them. In Portland, it would be marionberry jam, smoked salmon or a flask of sand (free) from the beach they visited.

A gift where you can see the host put some thought into the gift. (something a little more than a postcard or key chain)

I  have an amazing Aunt who lives in Austin,TX  (hi Aunt Donna!) and when we arrive in town she has already looked into what is happening downtown/activities for however long we’re staying there. She takes us everywhere and seems so joyful to just spend time with us and show new comers around.


IF possible, I try to do some digging before a guest comes and learn their favorite meals. And then IF possible I’ll surprise them with some depending on the length of their stay.

Ask a friend and you’ll hear them say I get giddy and all bubbly to hear we have someone staying with us.

Looking forward to the guests God brings our way!


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  1. Alexis! I love this…what an awesome idea! You’re so creative and thoughtful! I always feel so welcomed when I get to come over to your house 🙂

  2. Very sweet, cute, and creative. It would be a warm and welcoming entrance for sure!!

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