Trouble receiving Gifts


Some thoughts that’s been bouncing around in my head….

I never used to say that I had problems receiving presents. And at some level I don’t. It’s a love language of mine actually and I feel love when I both receive and give gifts to others.

But I’ve been developing a problem.

I feel guilty.

It really shocked me when I was laying in a spa and resort with other girlfriends having a spa day. My thoughts to  myself were, how can you be enjoying all this luxury when there are millions suffering around the world?! Children are suffering and here I am getting lemon water to drink and a lavender scented soaking tub  to ‘relax’ in.

I think this feeling has, at some form, crossed everyone’s mind. And it bothers some more than others. But here’s the rub about my situation:

The spa day was a free gift that someone chose to invite me to. It was actually their birthday gift and they wanted me to enjoy it with them.

I was failing miserably.

I then imediately felt like I wasn’t enjoying this huge gift of quality girl time. I felt torn. And at the core, should I then never receive gifs because it makes me feel guilty?

No, that extreme is not OK.

God likes, no LOVES, giving me gifts. I believe it’s a love language of His too. So, as His girl, it is my pleasure to receive what He gives me.

It is not my job to judge how little I should receive.


I will never understand why some are born into extreme poverty. Or why some are born into dangerous life threatening scenarios.

My job is to allow my heart to align with God, receive what He thinks I should be given, give what I have to those in need and stop feeling bad for what I do have.

*Disclaimer: With the same breadth, I also believe in living life within reason. For example, do I need to fill my pantry to the top or go out to eat all the time? Or buy extra craft supplies because it’s on sale? Excess. It’s about looking into our daily life and making whatever changes we can. First for ourselves, but also for the next generations in our home who look at how we live our lives.

Overnight Guest Basket

Travis and I *LOVE* having guests stay the night. We both love hosting and spoiling whoever enters our home. I saw something like this on Pinterest and had to recreate it.


Here is our overnight guest basket! I didn’t buy anything but gathered whatever I had in our home already.

I have fun ideas to add Northwest chocolates if it’s someone from out of the area. I also have dreams of adding a Portland/MAX map for ‘out of towners’ as well as a bottle of water, water flavors and snacks (homemade trail mix).

When I think about how I could spoil them I ask myself what I would want when I stay at others homes. And usually it’s something local. Whatever the city has to offer that’s unique to them. In Portland, it would be marionberry jam, smoked salmon or a flask of sand (free) from the beach they visited.

A gift where you can see the host put some thought into the gift. (something a little more than a postcard or key chain)

I  have an amazing Aunt who lives in Austin,TX  (hi Aunt Donna!) and when we arrive in town she has already looked into what is happening downtown/activities for however long we’re staying there. She takes us everywhere and seems so joyful to just spend time with us and show new comers around.


IF possible, I try to do some digging before a guest comes and learn their favorite meals. And then IF possible I’ll surprise them with some depending on the length of their stay.

Ask a friend and you’ll hear them say I get giddy and all bubbly to hear we have someone staying with us.

Looking forward to the guests God brings our way!


Cherry Vanilla Granola

I love giving gifts. It’s how I show love. And it doesn’t really matter what it is. Gifts in any form go straight to the heart. I wanted to show some friends who I don’t get together that much that I love them even though we might not be able to have our coffee/Olive Garden lunch dates.

I decided to make Cherry Vanilla Granola. It’s just oats, cinnamon, dried cherries and sugar. Heat in the oven till crunchy. But one secret is that it will get crunchier while it cools. Take that into consideration. I added a stamped piece of card stock saying, ‘Thoughts of You’. Think about those around you who might be encouraged by a little lovin’ today. Enjoy!

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