Easter 2010

I had a hankering to make sugar cookies to our Easter celebration and didn’t have much time OR butter around. So after looking online a bit I just used Pioneer Woman’s recipe. No butter needed.

easter cookiesI think they turned out OK. I’m not a real ‘sweet treats’ person but I liked what flavor the lemon zest gave it. I would love to tell you I wanted to do this to have a fun activity for Emma or to bring smiles to others. But that would be a lie. I honestly just felt like decorating something.

I did tell you a bit ago that I was planning on making the Polish Easter cake. Still planning on it. Again- don’t have the butter but will later in the week.

Here is Emma’s outfit. She chose it out. It reminded her of Rapunzel and her purple dress.

Emma's Easter outfitWell, I hope you have a nice Monday.


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  1. Alexis. I’ve emailed you; however, the messages don’t seem to be going through. So, I thought I would try you here…. I’m on for tomorrow with you… just don’t know where you want to meet. Can you email me again tonight and please include WHERE you want to meet… and, 10:00 am is great with me. Please include your cell number too. Kristie

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