Easter 2010

I had a hankering to make sugar cookies to our Easter celebration and didn’t have much time OR butter around. So after looking online a bit I just used Pioneer Woman’s recipe. No butter needed.

easter cookiesI think they turned out OK. I’m not a real ‘sweet treats’ person but I liked what flavor the lemon zest gave it. I would love to tell you I wanted to do this to have a fun activity for Emma or to bring smiles to others. But that would be a lie. I honestly just felt like decorating something.

I did tell you a bit ago that I was planning on making the Polish Easter cake. Still planning on it. Again- don’t have the butter but will later in the week.

Here is Emma’s outfit. She chose it out. It reminded her of Rapunzel and her purple dress.

Emma's Easter outfitWell, I hope you have a nice Monday.


Easter Eggs

Emma made some eggs today with her girlfriends. What fun!

easter eggsThey ended up pastel-y and very girly. Very delicate and over all lovely.

flower eggsWe colored on some eggs with crayons first and this was the result. 🙂 Not too detailed, but it was 3 yr olds…it could have gone way worse.

Emma's eggsWe are celebrating Easter all weekend and making a special Polish cake/bread that will hopefully be tasty. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Post Easter

Crazy is a good word to describe this past weekend. Or maybe hectic. I was in the program and loved it- all 5 services. I love being around people who focus on others and use their creative artistic gifts to reach out and be ambassadors for God. if I get a link to the service, I’ll link it as soon as I get it.

After the last service, it was a little after 3pm. So I came home, changed and the Mielonen clan went to a friends house to have an Easter dinner. Amy, thank you so much for hosting us! Emma loved having the easter egg hunt and playing with Rylee was a highlight of her day. For me a highlight was being able to open Emma’s birthday present! Those squeaker shoes are PERFECT! Love, love them. Emma will have to blog about them soon. 😉

Anyhoo, we came home with blessed left overs. They had AMAZING food. (I forgot my memory card so no pictures 🙁 ) Like ribs, veggies, cheese fondue and homemade bread sticks for appetizers! And they had ham, lamb, mashed potatoes, salad, fruit salad,HOMEMADE croissants, pasta salad…and I know I’m forgetting things. Dessert was easter cookies (so yummy!), fruit filled crepes and a red velvet cake. Oh man, I think I gained 5lbs. I was stuffed when I left! 🙂

And here comes my favorite thing…ready for it?! I’m such a girl…who loves my starches!

I had 2 for lunch today. With a lot of butter. My world is more well rounded now. As is my stomach. hehe

I have things I have to do today…but if it were up to me, this is what I would be. My sweet Janek. In front of the fire, lounging and no cares in the world. *sigh Is it ok to live vicariously through your cat? Sounds a little unhealthy. Hmmm….