I can’t stand it


I can’t stand it. I’m done and ready to run away. To California. Florida or Texas. Somewhere that IS NOT RAINING! I am done.

I’m sitting on our couch looking outside at the wind, rain and cold temps and am about to make a cup of tea. Boo.


Complain. Complain, I know. I shouldn’t be¬†complaining. But I am so bothered by the rain. Argh! This is it. My very deep insightful post. Will I have to cover Emma in winter clothes for Easter?! ūüôĀ


Will you please stop the rain and bring warmer temps? I would LOVE to go outside without a heavy coat, scarf and umbrella. Thanks.



OK, and this is me with a clearer mind. My mom said something that was so refreshing. She said, ‘If rain equates to beautiful flowers, we are going to have the most beautiful summer’. Thanks mom! What a good outlook. And, we are not having any flooding or nasty outages or anything. Just constant drizzle, hailstorm and random burst of sunshine. An typical spring day in Oregon.

Question: would you rather have a rainy spring and a mild pretty summer OR a a dryer spring and a hot hot hot summer?

None* photo¬†courtesy¬†of our family trip to Austin,TX. *sigh….

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  1. if you are going somewhere warm…take me with you! so ready for a hot summer. :o) would much rather have a drier spring and hot summer, but i wonder if it wouldn’t be quite as pretty here if that was the case.

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