I can’t stand it


I can’t stand it. I’m done and ready to run away. To California. Florida or Texas. Somewhere that IS NOT RAINING! I am done.

I’m sitting on our couch looking outside at the wind, rain and cold temps and am about to make a cup of tea. Boo.


Complain. Complain, I know. I shouldn’t be complaining. But I am so bothered by the rain. Argh! This is it. My very deep insightful post. Will I have to cover Emma in winter clothes for Easter?! 🙁


Will you please stop the rain and bring warmer temps? I would LOVE to go outside without a heavy coat, scarf and umbrella. Thanks.



OK, and this is me with a clearer mind. My mom said something that was so refreshing. She said, ‘If rain equates to beautiful flowers, we are going to have the most beautiful summer’. Thanks mom! What a good outlook. And, we are not having any flooding or nasty outages or anything. Just constant drizzle, hailstorm and random burst of sunshine. An typical spring day in Oregon.

Question: would you rather have a rainy spring and a mild pretty summer OR a a dryer spring and a hot hot hot summer?

None* photo courtesy of our family trip to Austin,TX. *sigh….

Rainy day brings cute pictures

We woke up to a rainy day today. It made me smile. And in honor of Spring I decked out Emma in her rain gear and we headed out to jump around in mud and puddles. But when we got out it had stopped raining and we couldn’t find any puddles! How lame is that?!

She still wanted to jump around and since it was sprinkling kinda I took a few picts.

None None None

I am still exploring the wide world of photo editing and it’s amazing to say the least. I made a couple collages, one about food and the other is of Trav, Emma and I in Krakow this last January.

None None

I’m also changing my blog name back to it’s original name. ‘Perspectives of a Child’ for oh so many reasons. One is that I’m accepting that I’m a child in many ways, both good and bad. I’m immature in many ways and am struggling to grow up and mature. And it’s hard work! I am also the child of an all powerful God and am learning to take authority in His name and do what He asks me to do. Also hard work.

With all that said, this will be a small glimps into my life through the eyes of a child.


Spring is here and even though there are days of sun and blossoming trees, there is a part of me that is waiting and maybe even yearning for the rain. I tend to be a pretty symbolic person and I feel the desire to wash myself of all the crusted stuff that has caked itself to me during the winter months and wash it off. Negative attitudes, periods of loneliness and just tiredness of the daily grind. I want the refreshing cleansing that happens in the spring time.

Just the smell of a rainstorm coming brings me hope and excitement. And I see that it will take many ‘rainstorms’ to wash off the grime I have on me. But I welcome it and wish for it…just some thoughts.

I am signing for the Easter program to the song, I Will Rise by Chris Tomlin. I am SO excite to be able to be apart of such a special song that will reach so many people. I think it will be on utube later sometime. I’ll hope to post the link. Most people don’t now that what we are signing is not the words that people sing. We have to translate it and as we sign something like…’I confess life good’ when you’re singing, ‘ I can say it is well’. It’s a heart translation. Anyways, after we translate it and memorize the signs we then have to combine the signs to the words you are singing. So event hough it looks like we’re signing what we’re mouthing…we’re not. It’s not that easy and a bit challenging. Most people don’t know that and say, ‘You did a good job dancing’. (Dancing!? Really?! Come on, really?! *Sigh, they meant it to be a compliment. I have to remember that. 🙂 ) Anyhoo, here is the song we’re doing and the words translated. Hope you can see the differences, I think it’s fun and interesting. But that could be me being nerdy. 🙂

Can you see which paper Emma got her creative hands on? 🙂

I made quesadilla’s for lunch because I wanted to eat sour cream. Pudding is my and Emma’s special treat today. 🙂

No, I have no idea what I was thinking when this picture was taken. Maybe I was trying to look tough…didn’t really work though. 🙂

I was curious if you have heard of or like/love Missy Higgins. She is one of my most favorite singers and there’s just something about her voice that captures me. Like it’s relatable. She has a song titled, ‘The Special Two’ and there is a phrase she sings that touches me every time I hear it. I can’t remember her exact words, but it’s similar to : ‘Life will lock you up and Truth being your only key’

Amazing huh. Oh, Emma just woke up. Gotta go. We might go to the park with all the other sun deprived families in Portland who flock to patches of grass on the weekend. 🙂

Rainy Day= Creative Day

We woke up to rainy windy weather this morning, so my idea of going to the park flew away with the wind.

A river

Can you see the river?!

Splikity Splat Splat

Splikity Splat Splat

Pretty leaves

Luckily I bought a paint set for Emma at the Dollar Tree (LOVE that store!) a couple days ago and thought we could have a fun painting day. And it was. She was more interested in the water than the colors and then if she wanted to chose a color- it was black. Oh well, she’s one. 🙂 All in all, her pictures turned out really well! (with some help choosing colors from mom) She made 3 masterpieces and I’m going to make them into Christmas presents. I think involving shadow boxes and other little things she loves to do.

Love the colors

Look what I did mom!

A favorite of mine

But what about me?! I needed an activity that would make me happy. Hmmm, so I made a peach cobbler. I think all my creative juices are living in the kitchen because that is a place I know money will always pour into- grocery budget! It’s harder to find the spare cash to buy cardstock, stones/crystals or stamps. So here I am in the kitchen. I found this in a blog but can’t find it again! I am sorry but I give all credit to her…wherever she is.

Just out of the oven

IT ONLY HAS 3 INGREDIENTS!!!!!!!!!! (thinking of you Melissa) I was skeptical at first but people it turned out awesome! (Travis called it perfect-and that never happens) All that’s in this baby is canned peaches, a yellow cake mix sprinkled evenly on top and one stick of butter cut into slices all over the top. That’s it! In that order and bake for about 1hr or until the top is nice and golden brown. I didn’t have ice cream OR whip cream.Oh well, it was still really good hot out of the oven. (I made it at 8:30pm last night-sorry for the bad picture above)

No vanilla ice cream-lamo!

I am going to rely on this heavily in the winter months and for dinner parties and for potlucks and…etc. I was going to can pie filling and all that…but now I know just to buy regular old canned fruit! Who knew?! I am thinking about making this next with cherry pie filling. (my favorite) Yum. Try it- you can’t screw it up. Totally safe and EASY PEASY!

*note: I actually didn’t make this with canned peaches but with a 2lb bag of frozen peaches. I added 1/2 C water 1/2 C light corn syrup- you can’t cut the liquids, the cake mix NEEDS to soak it up to make it moist and well, edible. hehe

Magical Rain

It’s raining today in the greater Pacific Northwest. We’ve been having beautiful weather recently, but every once in a while mother nature reminds us Fall is here. It’s maybe 60′ with overcast skies and has been raining all morning. I’m in heaven.

Like most of you, I have friends who are not wanting the rain, cloudy skies or cooler temps. I understand. I like to do outdoor activities too. I like to go shopping, stroll around downtown, visit the zoo and frequent the local parks with Emma. Yet as I looked out my windows today, I saw a dreaminess that also accompanies Autumn. Fog draped on lower trees, rain pattering on the ground and blankets to snuggle in! So, I set out to show you and some friends how beautiful the rain can be. (and isn’t it calming hearing it from a cracked window?!!!)

Magical Knobb Hill (I just named it one day)

Water Droplets on a plant in our front yard area

So, so, so beautiful! I love the rain...

Beautiful water puddles on our deck