I can’t stand it


I can’t stand it. I’m done and ready to run away. To California. Florida or Texas. Somewhere that IS NOT RAINING! I am done.

I’m sitting on our couch looking outside at the wind, rain and cold temps and am about to make a cup of tea. Boo.


Complain. Complain, I know. I shouldn’t be¬†complaining. But I am so bothered by the rain. Argh! This is it. My very deep insightful post. Will I have to cover Emma in winter clothes for Easter?! ūüôĀ


Will you please stop the rain and bring warmer temps? I would LOVE to go outside without a heavy coat, scarf and umbrella. Thanks.



OK, and this is me with a clearer mind. My mom said something that was so refreshing. She said, ‘If rain equates to beautiful flowers, we are going to have the most beautiful summer’. Thanks mom! What a good outlook. And, we are not having any flooding or nasty outages or anything. Just constant drizzle, hailstorm and random burst of sunshine. An typical spring day in Oregon.

Question: would you rather have a rainy spring and a mild pretty summer OR a a dryer spring and a hot hot hot summer?

None* photo¬†courtesy¬†of our family trip to Austin,TX. *sigh….

hoppdoddy Burger Bar


We went to an amazing place that is INCREDIBLE! The food is incredible and creative, the atmosphere is cool and casual and over all it is impossible to not LOVE this place.

They’re located on Congress St.

OK! Let’s get started! This first burger is the veggie burger. It is all hand formed and the BUNS ARE HOUSE MADE!!!!! This is the ‘wheat’ bun.


Doesn’t this look fantastic! My aunt who ordered it said it tasted like a falafel to her. French fries are, of course, also cut and fried at the restaurant. IN.CREDIBLE.

This was what Travis ordered: the bison burger. I barely got this picture- he gobbled it up. He said it was flavorful, juicy (compared¬†to the usually dry bison burgers) and right now he said his mouth is watering just thinking about it. ūüôā


And now my burger- which I am partial to. It is the best burger on the menu. If you like mushrooms, which I love.


Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum.Yum.

The condiments were not just the regular ketchup and mustard. Oh no, they had great options!


If you are in Austin or planning on visiting- YOU MUST TRY IT! We talked with the servers and and they have only been open for 4 months! They were jam packed and full of people! Yay!