DIY: Porcelain Painting


I taught myself how to paint porcelain. “Dot style’. (made that up, but sounds nice) Rally liking it and having fun. But I get so nervous I’m going to mess up (which is silly because I could just wipe it off) my hand shakes tons.

The above blue plate was made as I was looking at a picture. The red plate/tea cups and plates was made last night and I was just fooling around without looking online. All the work is free handed with a little ‘Alexis’ thrown into it.


I am keeping this red plate above and making it into a cake plater. It is my first and I know I can do much better and would feel weird giving someone a ‘first try’. I don’t know- just me I guess.

What do you think? I really like how the blue plate turned out and I would love to hear your opinion, add this, minus that…


I am going to practice a whole lot more, make tons of stuff (tart dishes, stands, tea cups, bowls, plates, etc) and sell them to everyone and their mother. We have a website that is dormant at the moment. This is a nice breadth of fresh air and creativity. All profit will go to our deployment fund.

I bought lots of colors and can’t wait to buy more. I have lots of ideas and stayed up too late thinking about it all. You know when your creative juices start flowing and it’s like…1am? I REALLY don’t like that. But I was a slave to them and wrote them down on my little note pad.


I’m not sure where I’m going to store them all…this is going to be a fun adventure.


You see that platter under the cups and plates? I have fun plans for that. Colorful plans…:)



Oh, and if anyone would like to purchase this blue plate, please contact me by commenting and letting me know. Thanks!

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  1. Wow! That all turned out great! Love the flowers on the blue plate. And the red looks great on the white, and the teacups are adorable! Totally makes me want to try. Maybe I will try with green. Great job.

  2. Oops – posted in the wrong section – see Valentine’s Day post 🙂

  3. They look great Alexis! You should open an etsy shop for these, so that I can buy them! 😉

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