DIY: Celery Flower Stamps

I saw this on Pintrest and thought SO EASY!! But I also don’t want these awesome ideas I pinned to collect cyber dust and stay in the ‘I’ll do it someday’ file.

So here it is! You should do it! Think shirts, pillow cases, kitchen towels, tote bags, baby bibs, etc.


I wanted to do something to combated the pink in our house. Blue tones it is.

(* make sure to always have something under the fabric you’re stamping.* Yes, mine bleed through and I freaked out because I was afraid it would stain our white dining room table)


Not too happy with the picture, but it’s what I got today.

YES you should try this!

YES you should start thinking about homemade Christmas presents!

YES more homes need celery stamped flowers. ๐Ÿ™‚


DIY: Porcelain Painting


I taught myself how to paint porcelain. “Dot style’. (made that up, but sounds nice) Rally liking it and having fun. But I get so nervous I’m going to mess up (which is silly because I could just wipe it off) my hand shakes tons.

The above blue plate was made as I was looking at a picture. The red plate/tea cups and plates was made last night and I was just fooling around without looking online. All the work is free handed with a little ‘Alexis’ thrown into it.


I am keeping this red plate above and making it into a cake plater. It is my first and I know I can do much better and would feel weird giving someone a ‘first try’. I don’t know- just me I guess.

What do you think? I really like how the blue plate turned out and I would love to hear your opinion, add this, minus that…


I am going to practice a whole lot more, make tons of stuff (tart dishes, stands, tea cups, bowls, plates, etc) and sell them to everyone and their mother. We have a website that is dormant at the moment. This is a nice breadth of fresh air and creativity. All profit will go to our deployment fund.

I bought lots of colors and can’t wait to buy more. I have lots of ideas and stayed up too late thinking about it all. You know when your creative juices start flowing and it’s like…1am? I REALLY don’t like that. But I was a slave to them and wrote them down on my little note pad.


I’m not sure where I’m going to store them all…this is going to be a fun adventure.


You see that platter under the cups and plates? I have fun plans for that. Colorful plans…:)



Oh, and if anyone would like to purchase this blue plate, please contact me by commenting and letting me know. Thanks!

Christmas Ornaments

Yes, I am fully aware Thanksgiving is next week and I’m posting about Christmas. But I am making ornaments for Emma’s ย tree. (she has her own- the one Trav bought while he was single) ย I got a bunch of old handmade ornaments I made while I was a child and I was so excited to begin Emma’s collection. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

My old Christmas ornament

Didn't learn my lesson from way back then hehehe

I’m still working on putting toys away- card stock, crystals, head pins, punches, ribbon and fabric. I think they’re pretty just looking at them. But that’s just me.


finger nail paiting

Emma took advantage to show me that shewas paying attention while I was painting her nails. She will be able to do it herself soon…* sniff sniff

Mr. Rudolph

Adorable no?! ย I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Blue Star

Have a happy weekend- I won’t be posting till we come back. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rainy Day= Creative Day

We woke up to rainy windy weather this morning, so my idea of going to the park flew away with the wind.

A river

Can you see the river?!

Splikity Splat Splat

Splikity Splat Splat

Pretty leaves

Luckily I bought a paint set for Emma at the Dollar Tree (LOVE that store!) a couple days ago and thought we could have a fun painting day. And it was. She was more interested in the water than the colors and then if she wanted to chose a color- it was black. Oh well, she’s one. ๐Ÿ™‚ All in all, her pictures turned out really well! (with some help choosing colors from mom) She made 3 masterpieces and I’m going to make them into Christmas presents. I think involving shadow boxes and other little things she loves to do.

Love the colors

Look what I did mom!

A favorite of mine

But what about me?! I needed an activity that would make me happy. Hmmm, so I made a peach cobbler. I think all my creative juices are living in the kitchen because that is a place I know money will always pour into- grocery budget! It’s harder to find the spare cash to buy cardstock, stones/crystals or stamps. So here I am in the kitchen. I found this in a blog but can’t find it again! I am sorry but I give all credit to her…wherever she is.

Just out of the oven

IT ONLY HAS 3 INGREDIENTS!!!!!!!!!! (thinking of you Melissa) I was skeptical at first but people it turned out awesome! (Travis called it perfect-and that never happens) All that’s in this baby is canned peaches, a yellow cake mix sprinkled evenly on top and one stick of butter cut into slices all over the top. That’s it! In that order and bake for about 1hr or until the top is nice and golden brown. I didn’t have ice cream OR whip cream.Oh well, it was still really good hot out of the oven. (I made it at 8:30pm last night-sorry for the bad picture above)

No vanilla ice cream-lamo!

I am going to rely on this heavily in the winter months and for dinner parties and for potlucks and…etc. I was going to can pie filling and all that…but now I know just to buy regular old canned fruit! Who knew?! I am thinking about making this next with cherry pie filling. (my favorite) Yum. Try it- you can’t screw it up. Totally safe and EASY PEASY!

*note: I actually didn’t make this with canned peaches but with a 2lb bag of frozen peaches. I added 1/2 C water 1/2 C light corn syrup- you can’t cut the liquids, the cake mix NEEDS to soak it up to make it moist and well, edible. hehe