Christmas Ornaments

Yes, I am fully aware Thanksgiving is next week and I’m posting about Christmas. But I am making ornaments for Emma’s  tree. (she has her own- the one Trav bought while he was single)  I got a bunch of old handmade ornaments I made while I was a child and I was so excited to begin Emma’s collection. Enjoy 🙂

My old Christmas ornament

Didn't learn my lesson from way back then hehehe

I’m still working on putting toys away- card stock, crystals, head pins, punches, ribbon and fabric. I think they’re pretty just looking at them. But that’s just me.


finger nail paiting

Emma took advantage to show me that shewas paying attention while I was painting her nails. She will be able to do it herself soon…* sniff sniff

Mr. Rudolph

Adorable no?!  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Blue Star

Have a happy weekend- I won’t be posting till we come back. 🙂

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