Christmas Party

Company Christmas Party. Vegas theme. Fabulous time and I thought you might like to see some souvenir pictures. 🙂 Yes, it was that fun.



In the top left Travis knocked me over and spilled my drink. You can see it coming out of my glass. 🙂



There was a live band, cigar room, tons of tables to try your luck, amazing food and, yes…even show girls with feathers walking around. We feel so lucky to be apart of something so amazingly cool and I continually tell Travis that he is not allowed to ever quit this company just because of the Christmas parties.  Completely reasonable, right?! 


Emma’s Pink Christmas Tree


She got it. I’m so jealous but love being allowed to live through her.  🙂 Isn’t it pretty?! And just her size, she and Travis had a father daughter time decorating it.

All her handmade special ornaments go on her very own 3.5 ft pink tree. It’s pre lit and took maybe 10 min to set up/decorate it all.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!


Merry Christmas!

Christmas Photo shoot: Lori and Doug


I was asked by some friends to take their Christmas card pictures.

Um, as long as they knew I’m a major amateur. 🙂 But any chance to practice on new people, I just love it.

So without further stalling, here they are.

Lori and Doug.




They have two turtles, a girl and boy. The boy had so much personality! I couldn’t not take my eyes of him! And he obviously was very curious about me. He had such beautiful handsome markings!





And lastly, the ‘family’ photo we have to take every year. 🙂


Merry Christmas everyone!

Random weekly news

Just made these.

Got me a sewing machine from a friend. FOR FREE! Yay!


Got Emma her Christmas dress today for a high tea party this weekend. It’s purple, like Rapunzel. Duh.

I was super sick this week. Being sick is never fun. boo.


Went to this Tea House for the first time. How girly and fun! The Christmas tea was warm and spicy. And the food? A-MAZ-ING.

Getting Emma her OWN pink Christmas tree today. She has no idea and will probably freak out.

Or at least I hope so. lol

If you live on the east side of Portland come get your Christmas trees here!

I can help you load it onto your car.

(Which is a funny sight. And possibly worth the $ in itself.)

Christmas 2012 Cards

**Warning: tons of pictures comin’ your way. Cute ones, but a lot****


We took Monday to go to Mt. Hood to take some family Christmas card pictures. I love how they turned out. 


 I have learned that it is very important to keep the ‘kissy kiss’  as I call it, in a marriage.  I really look forward to taking these type of pictures when we’re old and gray haired. Things get better with age.


Emma wasn’t having a great time. It was either one or the other extreme. Either she was so happy playing in the snow she didn’t want to take pictures, or she was too cold and didn’t want to take pictures. This is why there’s lots of Travis and I.


I cannot tell you how cold we were when we were done. The fireplace made all the females happier.

(aka: no more drama)


And of course, Emma and Rylee….



We went with some friends and got some good shots of them too.





Their last name starts with  ‘G’, thus the G in the picture.



***Check out my blog tomorrow for the bloopers. Yes, Amy I said that. muahaha!****

Our Christmas Wreath


My Christmas wreath. Isn’t it pretty?! 🙂  Only in the Pacific Northwest do we decorate with sparkly ferns.

We like our foliage. 


When I started this I was all alone, had no idea what I was doing or how much yarn it would take. I just started wrapping…and wrapping….and wrapping. My shoulder definitely hurt by the beginning end but it was worth it. Fyi, it is a huge wreath and took only one medium size spool of yarn. Don’t go over board like me and buy too much yarn.

Go ahead and make one yourself. Its fun, takes a little time but adds a little whimsical to your home. 

Our front door won’t close with it on so I am forced to hang it inside. It’s OK, I love it. I’ll also be changing it with every season. 🙂


Christmas Update

Yeah, so I know it’s been FOREVER or something like it since I’ve last posted. So this will be a picture overload post because so much has happened in a week. It’s the holidays, so we fit TONS into this last week. LONG post. You have been warned. Enjoy!

Emma and Erin Emma found the candy...oh man :)

Our sweaters We're such posers

The above pictures are of a Christmas party (no duh) Charis threw at her home. It was a lot of fun, a white elephant exchange, lots of Christmas goodies and then ending with a movie. Thank you for hosting it Charis– it was wonderful! Don’t you just love my sweater?! Yeah, totally rockin’

Heaven on a plate

Oh Spaghetti, how I love thee…let me count the ways…thank you for meeting me for dinner. I love your company.

Below is when Amy, a friend who’s daughter is Emma’s BFF, came over and we frosted cookies. Fun times.

Leaning tower of cookie

My leaning tower of sugar cookies.

Before After

You can’t see it, but I also sprinkled Cinnamon on top of the powdered sugar. So pretty.

Rylee thinking outside thebox with coloring Emma

Half the finished product

Sorry for the blurriness, but here is a sample of half the cookies we made.

Family photo #1

Awww, I know it’s a little blurry, but it was the best one. This is Emma’s fake smile, when someone tells her to ‘smile’ for the camera. But of course I didn’t want to take just boring pictures…take at least one funny one!


I think Emma missed that memo.

Cutie-pie more

Is that a present?! Here mommy

My favorite

My favorite. She’s co cute, down to her sparkle shoes. So right now, as I’m typing this in my oh so attractive fleece sweatpants, Trav and I are in a hotel for a little getaway to Leavenworth. It was all planned by him and was a surprise the whole time. It was awesome. We took a train from Everett to here and am having a great time. The hotel is nice, with a fillig breakfast, but one thing that’s weird is the silly wallpaper in the bedroom. Observe below.

The wallpaper..what the?

Nice huh. Hehehe. Nothing says romantic like crayon banner wallpaper. Sexy.



It was slippery Hey Trav

It was really slippery slushy and I almost fell a couple times. Trav thought to capture it on film. How thoughtful of him…

Hi Trav Our path


This is for you Jamie

Mom's home

This is for you Mom. Found your dream home.

If you have lasted this long and read the entire post, pretend me hugging you. I consider you my friend. 🙂

Muddy Buddies

As promised I made muddy buddies. And as expected, they rock. Peanut butter and chocolate never tasted so good. Mmmmm. The bag looks pretty gross huh. You would never know what little bites of sweetness were in there.

Muddy Buddies Bag Muddy Buddies

Yes. They ARE as good as they look.

Muddy Buddies

Would you like to come over and have some with me? Just in case you can’t check out the recipe. Make it for your next Christmas party. And even if you’re not throwing one, make it for breakfast. It’s awesome for breakfast. Not that I would know. I have a friend… who…uh, likes to eat this for their first meal. Just eat it before you brush your teeth. It tastes gross if you eat it after and you still have the toothpaste flavor in your mouth. So my friend says.

OK, here’s the recipe for ya!

Recipe for you

Our Christmas Tree- 09

Our Christmas is kinda strange this year. We will be leaving on the 20th for Seattle and will be staying there until New Years. Trav is surprising me with a 4 night 3 day surprise…I can’t tell you how excited I am and I’m jumping out of my skin. Seriously. Best present so far. 🙂 Anyhoo, we will be leaving way early in the month so it’s kinda pointless to have our last big real tree. Kinda sad but kinda not. Vacuuming up needles is a pain in the butt. So we’re using the artificial tree Trav had before being married. It’s kinda cute having him have this before being together, I’m glad he liked this season as much as me.

So here it is: our beautiful tree

White and red

I like to have different themes of our Christmas trees each year. Last year was silver and cobalt blue- Trav’s choice. This year happen to land in my lap and I chose red and white. I like that, simple and clean. I had to also add some silver for sparkle effect. 🙂

Holly Sparkly white ornament

Emma's star Tada

I hope you have a great Christmas! I’m currently keeping up with the Ducks/Beavers playoff game and wow does it keep you on the edge of your seat! Great game! I’m going to be making peppermint bark tomorrow so come on by to see different kinds of bark. (Oh so using Nutella)